What Comes Next?

What Comes Next?
Goal: To identify and say the next number.
-Strips of paper with numbers written in sequence (i.e. 0-10, 4353, 67-77)
-Numeral Track that will cover the numbers that allows child to
see only one number at a time. You could use index cards and cut
covers to act as flaps over the numbers.
Tell the child that you are going to start counting and when you
stop, you want them to say the next number. Continue with
other number word sequences. Display the first two numbers.
Say the numbers with the child and have them identify the
third number without looking. Continue with other sequences.
Lift only one flap at a time and challenge students to identify
the remaining numbers on the track.
-Vary the activity by using other number sequences based upon
the child’s needs.
- Vary by having child identify the number before any given
Key Factors:
-Children might need to start counting from one to be
-Vocabulary to use: next number, number after, number before.