Middle School Program Review Steering Committee  Minutes  September 30, 2010 

Middle School Program Review Steering Committee Minutes September 30, 2010 Present: Mark Parr, Steve Troen, Julie Olson, Mary Kreger, Joel Albright, Mary Thompson, Trevor Johnson, Rich Wendorff, Noel Mehus, Dan Wilharber, Dave McKeag Absent: Tom Pederstuen, Pete Zak, Jackie Magnuson I. Sharing: District staff has been inquiring about a 6 or a 7 period day, which way is the committee leaning toward. Staff has been expressing their views on the pros and cons of each different scenario. II. Timeline and Process Internal (committee) timeline for our work: Discussion on what will be presented in October with the leadership team s from each middles school as promised last spring. Questions presented were: What does the committee discuss at this point? Is there anything set yet or is it still in the planning stages? A list of what is important values and reasoning of the “Big Rocks Theory” for the foundation of an effective middle school needs to be determined first before talking about a schedule later. What groups do we approach, who heads these groups? How can a meaningful dialogue be presented and still gather valuable feedback from staff? What is the purpose of the October Meeting? Audience: Leadership teams from each school Dates/ Times: Message: Process & How we got to “Big Rocks” Explain/Discuss” Big Rocks” The committee’s goal and/or charge statement Listen What are the next steps? Handouts for the rest of the staff of “Big Rocks” Teams to present information to leadership teams will be held as follows: BHMS‐ Team Leads and House Facilitators on October 19 @ 6:45 am RMS‐ House Facilitator and Program Committee on October 19 @ 6:45 am VMS‐ Leadership Team on October 20 @ 6:30 am SHMS‐ EIP/ House Facilitators @ 3:10 pm DHMS‐ EIP Team on October 18 @ 3:00 pm FRMS‐ EIP Team/ Facilitators on October 18 @ 6:45 am Groups will consist of approximately 12 – 15 staff members in building leadership roles. External (staff) communication/feedback process will be held during a couple of evening sessions in November. III. Reaching consensus on the “Big Rocks”‐ Guiding Principles Culture of High Achievement for every student: Personalization:
Rigor: *Formative assessment *Standards based instruction *Learning based *Core classes greater than 50 minutes *Learning based grading *Choice *Support for students *Positive learning environment *Order/boundaries/ structure *Student friendly schedule *Physical Activity Homework: How are we going to get to the model? Next meeting: October 5, 2010 Multi‐tiered system of support/ intervention: *Academic Behavioral Time for Content Area Collaboration by Content: *Quality Middle School teachers *Professional Development Pre‐ day and during day Professional Development: *Support Staff *Leadership *Quality Teachers