Unit Atlas Activities 5 Unit Russia and the Republics

Russia and the Republics
In-Depth Resources: Unit 5
Unit Atlas Activities
Imagine that you are a Russian astronomer who wants to build an observatory off the
northeast coast of the Black Sea, about 75 miles south of Krasnodar. Before starting
construction, you want to make sure that the location is a good one for an observatory. To
find this out, you hire an agency to research the area.
Your activity is to fill in the blanks of the agency’s report by using the appropriate map
and then to answer the questions. First, find the approximate location of the proposed
observatory on the Patterns of Human Geography map on pages 338–339.
1. Many observatories are located in areas with high elevations. Using the Patterns of
Physical Geography map on pages 336–337, the agency found that the observatory
would be in an area with an elevation of about ____________________ feet.
2. Astronomers must consistently get a clear view of the stars and planets. Because
of this, it helps to have the observatory in a climate zone with low precipitation.
Using the Climate of Russia and the Republics map on page 340, the agency found
that the observatory would be located in a ____________________ climate zone.
3. It is important for the area to be free of political turmoil or ethnic rivalries. Using
the Ethnic Group map on page 341, the agency found that the nearest dominant
ethnic group, other than Russian, is ____________________. This ethnic group
lives about ____________________ miles from the proposed site.
4. Pollution caused by heavily populated areas can interfere with astronomers. Using
the Population Density map on page 341, the agency found the population density
in this area is ____________________ per square mile. Within a radius of 100
miles, the population density reaches a high of ____________________ per square
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1. Is the elevation of the proposed site a good one for an observatory? Why or why
not? Is the climate zone good for an observatory? Why or why not?
2. Do you think light pollution would be a problem for the astronomers in the
proposed location? Why or why not?
3. Based on the agency’s findings do you think the observatory would be successful?
Why or why not?
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