Student Colloquium Bizarre Values in Combinatorial Games

Bizarre Values in
Combinatorial Games
Dr. Ted Rice
WIU Department of Mathematics
Abstract: Combinatorial games are two-player games
that are especially interesting mathematically. In
combinatorial game theory (CGT) we assign values to
the different positions in the games. Some of these
values are numbers, often integers or rational numbers.
Other values are not numbers, but are "number-like."
Others are quite unlike numbers. In this talk, I will
introduce these bizarre values in the context of games in
which they arise. I will end by indicating how these
values form a partially ordered set in which the real line
is a subset.
This talk will be accessible to anyone who likes to think;
there is no formal mathematical requirement. We will
start at the basics!
Department of
April 24, 2015
3:00-3:50 p.m.
222 Morgan Hall