Procedures for processing ARAMARK Requisitions to PO after receipt of invoice   

Procedures for processing ARAMARK Requisitions to PO after receipt of invoice **Please note that there is now an Aiken address available. You must now choose the Aiken address. Enter the sub total listed on the invoice in the *Price field (Do not add sales tax)
Make sure you see Joe’s name on the Approver 2 line then select “Apply Approval Changes” Then Save and Submit. Once a PO has been dispatched, write the PO number on the invoice(s) and submit all scanned invoices to [email protected] The scanned file (invoice) must be named as follows – Supplier Name – PO Number, example: ‘Aramark PO 2xxxxxxxxx’. Please remember it is extremely important to send your invoices to this email address, as without the invoice, Aramark will not be paid.