Personalized Medicine: Drugs Designed For You Pharmacogenetics

Personalized Medicine: Drugs Designed For You
1. Define the terms below:
a. Pharmacogeneticsb. PharmacogenomicsGo to the following website:
The arrows mean that you need to click on that link in order to answer the questions that follow.
 Your “Doctor’s New genetic tools”
2. Explain how this applies to the treatment of cancer using Purinethol and the example used on this
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“Making SNPs Make Sense”
 “What is a SNP?”
3. How many SNPs do our DNA contain? 10 million
 “What is a haplotype?”
4. Each combination of SNPs is called a ___________________________.
5. You can think of a person’s haplotype pair as their “___________________”.
 “Applying SNP profiles to drug choices.”
6. How is the prescription of Albuterol going to change in the future?
7. How do genomic and functional approaches to SNP mapping differ?
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”Drug Development Today and Tomorrow”
”Overview: The Drug Development Process” (9 slides)
8. How many years of research does it take before a drug hits the shelves?
9. How much does it cost to bring a single new drug to market?
 “Into the 21st Century”
10. How many years does it take to develop a drug using new genetic technologies?
11. How much does it cost to produce the drug using genetic technologies?