Name:_________________________________ Genetics 1. What is the title of the textbook?

Textbook Survey
1. What is the title of the textbook?
2. What is the title of Part Six in the textbook?
3. Which “Part” of the book are you most interested in?
4. What page do the contents start on?
5. What page does the glossary start on?
6. Do you use the glossary to complete vocabulary assignments?
7. At the end of each chapter, what are the headings in large colored print?
8. Are the answers to the end of chapter questions in the back of the book?
9. What is a genome?
10. What page does the index begin?
11. What would you use the index for?
12. What page is the definition for gene therapy on?
13. On what pages would I find information on polygenic traits?
14. What page is table for the genetic code on?
15. What amino acid does UUU code for?
16. Is there a genetic component to eating disorders?
17. Is albinism recessive or dominant?
18. What chapter and section is cancer as a genetic disorder in?
19. What organism is genetically modified to produce jeans?
20. What is Mendel’s first name? (spelled correctly)
21. Who is Mendel?
22. What was Mendel’s profession before he became a geneticist?
23. Name one area of genetics that interests you most.