Protista/Fungi Worksheet Names________________________________________________

Protista/Fungi Worksheet
Answer the following questions on a separate piece of paper.
You do not have to copy the questions.
You only need to write a complete sentence for number 5.
Protists- Use the book or the internet
1. Animal-like protists are called __________________.
2. Plant-like protists are called _____________________.
3. Most protists are (unicellular/ multicellular / colonial). (Pick one)
4. Protists are (prokaryotes / eukaryotes) (pick one)
5. What does it mean to say that protists are “classified by exclusion”? (complete sentence)
6. What does pseudopodium mean?
7. What protist causes backpacker’s disease?
8. What is the Red Tide? What organism causes it? Why is it deadly to humans? (3 answers!)
9. Many protists are commensal protists that live in the digestive tracts of ______________________.
10. _______________________is caused by several species of Plasmodium.
11. What insect is the vector of the protist caused disease malaria?
Is It Safe To Drink The Water- Use the article!
12. What are the symptoms of giardia?
13. What is trophozoite? What does it do? (2 answers!)
14. How many days after drinking contaminated water do giardiasis symptoms appear?
15. What is the treatment for giardiasis?
16. How does boiling water keep you from contracting giardiasis?
17. How is iodine used to treat water?
18. How are filters used to prevent giardiasis?
Fungi- Use the book or the internet
19. Fungi are __________, meaning that they cannot make their own food.
20. Most fungi are unicellular / multi-cellular. ( pick one)
21. The kind of fungi that is unicellular is ______________.
22. Fungi secrete ____________, which digest their food.
23. After digesting organic matter the fungi then ______________the decomposed molecules.
24. The cell walls of a fungus contain _________, which is also in the exoskeletons of insects.
25. Many antibiotics like _______________________are produced by fungi.
26. Yeast is used for making ________ and ____________________.
27. A __________________________________ is when both species benefit.
28. The function of mycorrhiza, associated with the roots of conifers, is to transfer
_____________________and ________________________from the soil to the roots of plants.
29. A photosynthetic partner provides lichen with ____________________________and the lichen
provides the plant with _________________nutrients.