Algebra 1 Name _________________________________ Review of 2.6, 2.7, 12.7, 12.8, 1.6

Algebra 1
Review of 2.6, 2.7, 12.7, 12.8, 1.6
Name _________________________________
Find the probability for one roll of a die.
1. P (5) _________
2. P (number < 8) _________
3. P (not 4) ___________
4. P (7) ________
5. P (not odd) __________
6. P (2 or 6) ___________
Use the spinner at the right. Find the odds.
7. Odds in favor of 1
8. Odds in favor of multiples of 2
9. Odds against odd numbers
10. Odds against a factor of 4
A manufacturer selects 850 T.V.s at random. 17 of the T.V.s are defective.
Find each probability.
P (the T.V.s are not defective)
P (the T.V.s are defective)
There are 30,000 T.V.s. Predict how many of the T.V. are not defective.
14. An astronomer calculates that the probability that a visible meteor shower in May is 5%.
What is the probability that a visible meteor shower will not occur in May?
Suppose you choose two numbers from a box containing ten cards with the numbers 1 -10. State whether the two events
are independent or dependent. Then find each probability.
15. P (6 then an even number) without replacing the card.
16. P (1 and an odd) with replacing the card.
17. P (an even number then an odd number) without replacing the card.
18. P (an even number and an odd number) with replacing the card.
19. P (5 then an even number) without replacing the card.
20. RMHS has T-shirts that come in three styles, four colors and 6 sizes. How many choices does the student have to pick a shirt?
21. You have six kinds of envelopes and three different kinds of stamps.
How many different combinations of envelopes and a stamp are possible?
22. Suppose a license plate consists of two numbers (1-9 that are not repeated) first and
four letters (that are not repeated). How many two-number and four-letter license plates are possible?
23. In how many ways can five cars be parked in a row?
Give the definition.
24. Permutation _______________________________________________________________________________________
25. Combination ______________________________________________________________________________________
Simplify each expression.
26. 7P2 ________
27. 6C4 _________
Decide if the problem is a permutation or combination and then solve.
30. You want to have three servings of dairy products without having the same food more than once. Milk, yogurt,
cottage cheese and cheddar cheese are in the refrigerator. Permutation/Combination?
31. There are 25 drivers in a car race. There are prizes for 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place. How many different ways can the
drivers finish the race? Permutation/Combination?
32. The 30-member debate club needs a president and treasurer. How many different pairs are possible?
33. Find the mean, median, mode and range for the set of data below
85, 87, 81, 92, 87, 80, 83
a. Mean:
c. Mode:
b. Median:
d. Range:
34. There are 50 people participating in a benefit walk.
The average amount of money they each raised was $64 per person. What was the sum of all of the money raised?
35. A student had grades of 70, 95, 92, and 82 on the first 4 tests of the semester.
What grade does she need on the 5th test to have an average of 86%?
36. Make a stem-and-leaf plot for the set of data below.
59, 12, 16, 41, 38, 24, 32, 37, 35