Best oral presentation award 2012 VLIZ Young Marine Scientists’ Day

Best oral presentation award 2012
VLIZ Young Marine Scientists’ Day
KHBO, Brugge (24 February 2012)
Kindly find below the alphabetical list of the oral ‘pitching’ presentations, tick your top three and turn in the form
when leaving the plenary session room at 12:10.
Blommaert Lander
Light stress in intertidal diatoms: a comparative molecular and ecophysiological study
Derweduwen Jozefien
Do windmill parks function as a refugium?
Ghyselen Céline
Reduced seed set by root herbivory in a coastal dune plant: are pollinators involved?
Huysman Marie J.J.
Unravelling the light-dependent cell cycle onset in diatoms
Matola Hakimu Davis
The feeding ecology of four semi-pelagic fish species in the North Sea: a case of Belgian water
Meire Alexander
Estimating primary production from continuous oxygen data in the Schelde Estuary
Merken Ronny
Wetland suitability and connectivity for migratory birds along the Ionian Flyway in Greece
Olendo Mike
Can the Kiunga MPA protect the Lamu fishery?
Sotillo Alejandro
Seabirds and fishery discards in the Southern North Sea
Stratigaki Vasiliki
Large scale experiments on farms of heaving wave energy converters
Teuchies J.
The effect of increasing surface water oxygen concentrations on metal mobility in sediments from
the Schelde estuary
Thieren Els
The former occurrence of sturgeon in the North Sea – The contribution of archaeozoology and
ancient DNA
Van Cauwenberghe Lisbeth
Selective uptake of microplastics by a marine bivalve (Mytilus edulis)
Van Hoey Gert
Dredged material disposal: does it substantially affect the ecosystem?
Vandegehuchte Michiel
Plastic waste in the Belgian coastal waters: where and how much?
Vandenbohede Alexander
Groundwater quality distribution in the Belgian coastal plain: a story of Holocene transgression
and human intervention
Vanlede Joris
Salinity in the Belgian coastal zone
Vanmaele Sofie
Aquaculture and immunostimulation through the eyes of Artemia
Veale William
Reducing overtopping risks in Belgian coastal towns
Verhaegen Yves
Did the use of TBT-based antifouling paints cause severe damage to the common shrimp
(Crangon crangon) population of the Southern Bight?