Charleston Middle School Track cC

Charleston Middle School Track
Coach Hankenson, Coach Lynn
cCCoach Nance,
Coach Sherwood,
& Coach Heitka
1. Practices will be every evening from 3:40 until 5:30 p.m., unless otherwise noted beginning February
27th . A monthly practice schedule will be distributed at the end of each month. Some nights certain
athletes may need to stay later to work on events; we will try to give advanced notification.
2. Athletes are expected to be cooperative and willing to work. A good work ethic and attitude are
necessities to be successful in track and field. Failure to work or be cooperative, using inappropriate
language (profanity, inappropriate slang or taunting), constant horseplay, or showing a poor attitude will
result in consequences determined by the coaches, or if necessary the athletic code.
3. Attendance at practice is required EVERY DAY! The only excused absence is one that results in
having an excused absence from school or participating in another school activity that day. If you miss
track practice to participate in a non-sponsored school sport or activity (club, soccer, weightlifting,
etc.), it will be counted as an unexcused absence unless details have been approved in writing with the
CMS coaching staff in advance. If you can get to track for any portion of time, certain considerations will
be made. Absences from practice for any other reason will result in an unexcused absence from track. If
you are unsure about your absence, check with a coach. Most of the time arrangements can be made to
keep an absence from being unexcused. Two unexcused practices will result in missing a meet. Three
unexcused practices will result in permanent dismissal from the team.
4. Proper attire for practice will be gym clothing or loose tee shirts, shorts of appropriate length and fabric.
Low rider shorts, tank tops, mid-drift tops, tank tees, blue jeans will not be appropriate track apparel. Shirts
will be kept on at all times! It is recommended for athletes to bring sweatpants and sweatshirts, gloves, and
caps for inclement weather. We will practice outside as much as possible. Always be prepared for any
type of weather.
5. Please have everything you will be taking home in the locker room. You should not be in the main part
of the school during or after practice or when arriving home from a track meet. You should use the
restrooms in the locker rooms. Buses will depart and arrive on the west side of the school by the back door
of the gymnasium. Please be sure you have arranged for someone to pick you up at the time the coaches
have estimated we will arrive back in Charleston; exit from the back door of the gymnasium. We need to
know when everyone has gone home.
6. Please try to drink a lot of water. We want you to begin to think about proper nutrition. Therefore,
please do not bring pop or candy to practice. Try to bring nutritious treats for after practice and for meets.
1. A list of participants will be posted on the gym wall close to the coaches’ office. Check this to see your
list of events for the meet. For some of the meets, the coaches are limited to taking only a few of our
athletes because of limits given to us by the school we are visiting. At all times we try to get everyone
involved in some way. At a track meet, listen for the first call announcement for your event. It is your
responsibility to get to your assigned event on time.
2. Meet attire will consist of school issued track clothing. Everyone will be issued a warm-up suit and
uniform. School-issued clothing should be in sight at all times (if you need layers of clothing the school
clothing should be on the outside. Take plenty of clothing and perhaps a blanket; it gets very cold at some
track meets. .
3. Athlete’s should remain in the team’s camp area. At no time should you enter another school unless an
event is being held inside or you have permission from one of your coaches. Every school has bathroom
facilities located near the track.
4. The district’s bus policy is always is in place. There will be no eating or drinking allowed on the bus.
Athletes should remain seated when the bus is in motion and follow bus rules.
5. If parents wish to take their child home after a track meet, they need to see one of the coaches and sign a
checkout sheet. Only a parent may sign their child out and take them home. An athlete should remain until
a meet is over.
6. At the track meets, it is important to remember that we represent the best, Charleston Middle School.
Therefore, athletes, parents, fans, and coaches need to represent Charleston with a positive attitude and a
winning spirit! Treat our opponents with the utmost respect and remember that part of being a true
champion is how you act when nobody is looking.
7. Hopefully, these rules will help everyone have a productive and fun track season!!!.