Professional Appreciation Day Vendor FAQs

Professional Appreciation Day Vendor FAQs
Q. What do I do with the Door Prize my Organization/Business donated?
A. Every participant is given 3 tickets to try and win a door prize. We ask any vendor donating a door
prize to keep the gift on your table so the participants can view it. At lunch, each gift is setup in the
front of the room for one last viewing. A ticket holder is set next to each gift. After lunch, the
committee will draw tickets and announce the winners after the keynote speaker.
Q. What is the slip of paper for regarding door prize value?
A. If you donated a door prize, we need the information on the slip filled out. You may leave the
completed slip along with your evaluation on your table. This is for your tax purposes and you will
receive an in-kind donation receipt after the conference.
Q. Where do I turn in the evaluation?
A. Leave the evaluation form on your table and a committee member will collect them. Please be sure
to fill out the form and we will use these results when planning the 2016 conference.
Q. When can I tear down my booth?
A. Attendees have until 1pm to visit with exhibitors. Please keep your booth up until this time. We
would like to invite you to tear down your displays and then join us at 2 pm for the keynote speaker in
the 1100 lecture hall-first floor. This year’s keynote is the Chantel McDaniel. Chantal from Thrift Trick
explores body image and wardrobe, and offers tips and tricks on how to dress yourself well on a very
limited budget but most importantly, how to love yourself affluently! This presentation will also feature
style DIYs and an exclusively thrifted fashion exhibition!
Q. Are there any refreshments?
A. Yes. Please help yourself to the morning beverages provided. Lunch will be served at 11:40 am.