Course Title: Modern Wireless Communications Contact Information: Name Prof. Aditya K. Jagannatham

Course Title: Modern Wireless Communications
Contact Information:
Prof. Aditya K. Jagannatham
Electrical Engineering
IIT Kanpur
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Course Outline
This course will cover various concepts in modern 3G and 4G wireless communication
systems such as Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO), Code Division for Multiple Access
(CDMA) and Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM), beginning from the
basics. The course is intended as an introductory course for Students in the areas of
Communications and Signal Processing. The treatment would look at current and upcoming
wireless communication technologies for broadband wireless access.
List of 15 Lectures
1. Introduction to 3G/4G Standards, Basics of Communication
2. Communication System Performance and Random Processes
3. Wireless Channel, Fading and BER of Wired Communication
4. BER for Wireless Communication, Introduction to Diversity
5. Advanced Multi-antenna Maximal Ratio Combiner and BER with Diversity
6. Spatial Diversity and Diversity Order, Wireless Channel and Delay Spread
7. Coherence Bandwidth of the Wireless Channel, ISI and Doppler in Wireless
Communications, Doppler Spectrum and Jakes Model
8. Introduction to CDMA, Spread Spectrum and LFSR, Generation and Properties of PN
Sequences, Correlation of PN Sequences and Jammer Margin
9. CDMA Advantages and RAKE Receiver, Multi-User CDMA Downlink, Multi-User
CDMA Uplink and Asynchronous CDMA, CDMA Near-Far Problem
10. Introduction to MIMO, MIMO System Model and Zero-Forcing Receiver, MIMO
MMSE Receiver
11. Introduction to SVD, SVD Based Optimal MIMO Transmission and Capacity, and
Alamouti Code
12. OSTBCs, Introduction to V-BLAST Receiver and MIMO Beamforming
13. Introduction to OFDM and Multi-Carrier Modulation, IFFT Sampling for OFDM, OFDM
Schematic and Cyclic Prefix, OFDM Based Parallelization and OFDM Example
14. Introduction to MIMO-OFDM, Impact of Carrier Frequency Offset (CFO) in OFDM,
PAPR in OFDM Systems and Introduction to SC-FDMA
15. Introduction of Wireless Propagation Models, Ground Reflection and Okumura
Models, Hata Model and Log Normal Shadowing, Link Budget Analysis