BIOMS Seminar Peter Barrance, Ph.D.

BIOMS Seminar
Friday, April 28th 3pm McKinly 337, refreshments and Pokemon prior
Peter Barrance, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral Researcher
Center for Biomedical Engineering Research
Title: Measuring Small Scale Changes in Knee Kinematics with MRI Based
Abstract: Rupture of the knee's anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one
of the most commonly occurring musculoskeletal injuries in the United
States. The development of osteoarthritis (OA) in young, active
populations after this injury has been widely reported, even after
surgical reconstruction of the ligament followed by rehabilitation.
Post-injury changes in joint kinematics that alter articular cartilage
load distributions have been implicated in OA progression. With the
goal of accurately measuring such changes, a magnetic resonance imaging
(MRI) based geometric modeling method to measure knee kinematics during
an active, dynamic knee extension was developed and validated. Results
of studies of knee kinematics in ACL-injured subjects (both presurgical non-copers and conservatively treated copers) will be
presented. Recently, we have focused research effort on the development
of methodology to measure joint positioning - including areas of
cartilage surface proximity - using techniques that allow imaging
during weight bearing. The early experience and results from this work
will be described.