Today's THV, AR 11-15-07 Honey, You're The Light Of My Life

Today's THV, AR
Honey, You're The Light Of My Life
An Iowa State University student found a brilliant way to propose to his
girfriend Tuesday night.
K.C. Dohse and a friend ran up and down 10 flights of stairs flipping on light
switches at the old Towers dorms at Iowa State.
After a few adjustments, it was time to bring in girlfriend Amanda Haubrich.
"I could definitely read it right away, no squinting or what is that?" Haubrich said
A story about a walk, a finish line and Dohse's graduate thesis was the bait to get
Amanda to go for a walk out to the ISU cross-country field. Then at just the right
moment, K.C. asked Haubrich to turn around.
"This was a pretty big surprise. It s huge and I love that it s so personalized," she
The message "marry me" was spelled out on the side of the building using just
the right combination of lighted windows to spell out the message.
"I was mostly nervous about this, cause I had a feeling that she d say yes. So the
key element was that this actually worked right," Dohse said.
Haubrich did say "yes."
"It definitely holds a very, even more special place cause I absolutely love it here.
So it's really special," Haubrich said.
Several couples have actually gotten married out at the Towers, but Amanda and
K.C. said while it worked well for the proposal they're not sure they'll get married