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Gaming Today, TX
Violence and Video Game Link in Upcoming Executive Intelligence Review
Posted by Andrew on Wednesday, May 30th, 2007 at 2:42 am under Gamer Life
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The gamers may be facing a tough battle ahead of them, as evidence between
video games and the link to violence surface. Here's yet another source
supporting the link between the two.
The feature is an interview with Dr. Craig Anderson of Iowa State University,
who is publishing a few books on the subject, actually. And if you'll notice, our
favorite panelist Don Phau, which we have encountered before, has interviewed
the good doctor recently. But that doesn't mean we automatically should be
"Public policy never flows, and shouldn't flow directly, from scientific research,"
Anderson said in the feature, responding to the idea of banning video games.
"The scientific research is certainly relevant, but there are other concerns that
have to be taken into account as well. The most obvious one is that there are
legal concerns having to do with First Amendment protections involving free
That's not bad. Our favorite video game makers are, indeed, protected by the
same laws which protect Hustler Magazine. Oddly, the idea does comfort me
quite a bit.
There are sure to be some angry parents out there looking for scapegoats, but I
think there's hope that Congress and other legislatures might cease to hear
about creating laws banning video games. Although, minors may have a very
hard time getting M-rated games in the near future…