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Forth Worth Star Telegram, TX
Volunteer naturalists contribute to this site, which is hosted by Iowa State
University's Entomology Department, with the stated mission of creating a
primary online knowledge base about bugs. The core of the site is a guide that
contains a page for each bug with external links, taxonomy and images.
Most fun, though, is the ID request section, where users can upload photos and
members of the online community help identify the critter and share comments. A
consistent surprise is how remarkably vivid the amateur photography is, with
spectacular close-ups of bugs that seem poised to leap off the screen. There's
also an occasional bit of humor, such as the Minnesotan who posted an image of
a scary-looking spider with this comment: "I whacked some moths and threw
them into the web. It swallowed them whole. It speaks German, too. And it drives
a motorcycle."