Construction Engineering 380 Engineering Law Midterm Exam Review

Construction Engineering 380
Engineering Law
Midterm Exam Review
Format of Exam
20 definition/ concept matching @ 5 points each =
20 multiple choice questions @ 10 points each =
5 short answer/essay @ 20 points each
100 points
200 points
100 points
400 points
Content of Exam
Exam will cover material from Chapter 1-18 and Appendices A, B,C, G, I in Sweet
Only material covered in lecture will be included on the exam. Review course slides on
the webpage for summary of lecture material
Concepts for Review
Understand the difference between civil and criminal cases
Understand the difference between contract liability and tort cases within civil law
Understand the different legal forms of organization
Understand principal-agent relationship and principal-independent relationship
Understand the process of contract formation
Understand contract termination, damage, and remedies
Understand the different types of torts and requirements for proof of tort
Understand alternative dispute resolution techniques
Understand basic tenets of land use laws and controls
Understand important points of contracting for design services
Understand professional liability claims
Understand basics of risk management
Understand how intellectual property law applies to engineering designs
Understand relationships between management triangle, planning and delivery systems,
and contract pricing structure