Homework Assignment #1 Summer 2012 - MATH308

Homework Assignment #1
Summer 2012 - MATH308
due June 1, 2012 at the beginning of class
Topics covered : equations y 0 = ay + b, where a and b are constant and separable equations (corresponds to sections
1.2, 2.2 in the textbook).
You do not need to use calculator for this assignment.
1. Assume that the velocity v of the falling object satisfies the following differential equation:
v 0 (t) = 9.8 −
(a) Find a number ve such that v(t) ≡ ve is a solution of equation (1) (in other words find the
equilibrium solution of (1)).
(b) Solve the equation (1) with initial condition v(0) = 0. What is the limit of this solution when
t → +∞? How this limiting velocity is related to your answer in the item (a)?
(c) Find the time that must elapse for the object to reach 75% of the limiting velocity found in
the item (b).
(d) How far does the object fall in the time found in the item (c).
2. Solve the following differential equations (find the general solutions):
y 0 + y 2 cos x = 0.