Program Description
Spirituality is one of the most difficult topics to discuss in a social or treatment setting.
This interactive workshop will enable clinicians to discuss issues of difference as it
relates to their spiritual beliefs or not. The presenter will create an environment of safety
and create a safe place to speak. It will increase their comfort level in sharing with others
and discussing the topic with clients. Ethnographic Interviewing is a simple technique
used to enable practitioners to discuss various issues of difference. This simple workshop
is composed of four simple components that includes using your partner as your cultural
guide, asking global questions, listening for cover terms, and asking for descriptors.
Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this workshop, participants should be able to:
1. List 2 barriers related to the difficulty of discussing religious and/or spiritual
2. Ask Global Questions
3. Identify Cover Terms from diverse spiritual and religious belief systems;
4. Ask for Descriptors;
5. Increase their comfort level in discussing spiritual and religious topics.
Target Audience
Clinicians and practitioners who are eager to increase their comfort level of inquiring
about a diverse spiritual or religious belief systems. This workshop encourages
participants to share their differences.
Contact Hours
5.0 hours
Program Agenda
Time line of the day – including 15 minute AM and PM breaks and lunch (usually 1.0 –
1.5 hours)
Amelia Roberts-Lewis, Ph.D., Retired Professor, School of Social Work, University of
North Carolina at Chapel Hill.