Technical Support Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Support
Frequently Asked Questions
At Avocent, we value our customers and want their technical support experience to be the best it can be. To save you time
contacting Technical Support, below are some of the most frequently asked questions.
Q: How do I receive the higher service levels outlined on my hardware or software maintenance agreement?
A: When opening a support request by phone or electronic submission, be sure to identify yourself as a silver or gold level
maintenance customer. You’ll be asked to provide your master license key for software or serial number for hardware.
Q: Why did Avocent® change the Technical Support structure?
A: The new support structure allows Avocent Technical Support to prioritize incidents based on the severity of the issue and the
entitlement of the customer. Higher severity issues, with a higher maintenance level, will receive attention and follow-up first.
Q: Why can’t I talk directly with a technician when I call in?
A: The Avocent First Touch Administrator will triage the issue, assign a severity, verify maintenance and assign the issue to the
appropriate resource. This ensures that issues are addressed in defined timeframes by technicians with the best skillset.
Q: Where do I find details on the maintenance plans?
A: Details for the maintenance plans can be found by clicking here or in the support section of To inquire
about pricing, please contact your local Avocent sales representative or certified Avocent partner.
Q: What is media retention?
A: Media retention is a maintenance option for select Avocent products that allow for unit replacement without the need to
return the original unit to Avocent. To inquire whether your products are eligible for media retention, please contact your local
Avocent sales representative or certified Avocent partner.
Q: When I submit a product related issue electronically, it’s based on service level agreement (SLA) response
times. Is there any difference if the problem is reported by telephone instead?
A: Response times for silver and gold support maintenance offerings are based on initial phone contact.