For Design Your Own Research, 1 & 2 Checklist before submitting:

For Design Your Own Research, 1 & 2
Checklist before submitting:
1. Make sure that you have located at least four relevant articles or other sources that
help explain the topic, preferably previous research that has been conducted on
that topic.
2. Be sure that you have given a design or final statement of how you would conduct
the project.
3. Reread what you have written for clarity and correct English usage. Your
audience should be a professional colleague, but not necessarily someone who has
specialized knowledge in this field. Make sure that you have explained things
clearly enough that such a person can understand it. (You might have another
person read and react to what you have written, although this is not required).
That’s it. Go ahead and submit.
Grading Rubric: Design Your Own Research 1 & 2
1. The problem is stated clearly and the rationale for investigating it explained. 10
2. At least four relevant sources are cited and summarized well.
3. How the project would be carried out is explained clearly.
4. The written work makes correct use of English (grammar, spelling, punctuation) 10
5. The thinking is logical and shows a depth of thinking about the course topics and
readings. The reader feels significantly taught.
--Total Points