Company Profile: English 302 Due

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Company Profile: English 302
As discussed earlier, you will work to create a fictitious company. During the course of the
semester, you will be asked to produce certain documents for this company. This approach not
only makes the assignments more realistic, but also allows you to work with material you are
familiar with and interested in. This is the first of those documents.
This assignment has three (3) components. Please be sure to do all of them.
First, the Memo:
You need to create this company, and write a memo to me in which you describe its components
such as, history, management, and personnel – see the Urban Systems example. The purpose of
your description is to familiarize me with your company, your product or service, and your
position in it. this is not a sales memo – do not try to sell anything!
Begin to think of goods and services that might interest you. Do not use an existing company -unless, of course, you already have your own company. You may create a company similar to an
existing one but don’t copy what they do – they are your competition of course.
Be as concrete and objective as you can in answering the following questions:
1) The Company: What is the name of your company? Where is it located, and how many people
does it employ? (Individual – no fewer than 3: Group – no fewer than 10)
2) The Product: What kinds of products/services does your company provide? Be specific.
3) Company History: What is the history of your company? (You’ll have to be creative here)
Specifically, how did it start, how has it changed within recent years to meet different demands
and to survive? Think about Hal’s visit and issues he discussed.
4) Customers: Who are your company's main clients/customers?
5) Personnel: What is your position within the company, and what are your main duties? (Don't
place yourself in either an entry-level or a CEO-level position; neither will work for future
6) Hierarchy: What is the chain of command in your company, the company’s hierarchy?
Specifically, to whom do you report, and who are the employees for whom you are responsible?
(You could use a flowchart here if your company is large or complex.)
7) Financial Data: How well is your company doing? What sorts of changes might it have to
make in the near future to continue to do well? Are you thinking about introducing any new or
upgraded products or services?
Answer all of the questions above, which are applicable to your company. Most of them should be,
or you may have chosen an inappropriate company for 302 assignments. You should have some
basic, ready knowledge about the business you create; don't become a stockbroker or open a
computer consulting business if you know nothing--or very little--about those professions.
Consult your handbook and use proper memo format (think about using the logo/design from
your business card/letterhead – see below) and organize the memo any way you feel is effective
for your material. However, don't simply answer the questions above in a choppy, itemized way;
use full sentences and developed paragraphs. Headings are encouraged.
Second (and I guess third), Creative Components:
You will design two visuals -- a business card for yourself and letterhead stationery for the
company. Remember, less is more. Just because you can use a design technique does not mean
you must use it. I'll show some business cards in class -- I expect you've seen some. Be smart with
these two creative components. Use color appropriately -- if business is a lawn care business, green is a
nice choice. Use visual (i.e. a logo) carefully and don’t necessarily rely on basic clip art.
You may put both designs on the same sheet of paper. Print off a computer-generated business card and
your letterhead and hand in along with your company profile. I’ve provided a workspace below for early
drafts of your letterhead and business card designs.
I expect to see a rectangle shape on the piece of paper business card size -- and the business card design
within the shape. Do create the business card full size (see below).
Use the space between the lines to design your letterhead.
Use the space below to design your business card