ENG 2P1 Exam Review • pens

ENG 2P1 Exam Review
For your exam you will need to bring the following items:
your texts to hand in
this sheet, with any point form notes and quotations that you would like to use for the
response paragraph.
Part 1: Sight Short Story
comprehension questions
argumentative paragraph answer
Part 2: Response Paragraph
Select one of the two questions provided. Answer using two examples. You must use different
works for your examples. You may use Macbeth, your literature circle novel, Of Mice and Men,
and your own experience. You will need to use proper paragraph structure, including a proper
topic sentence. You may want to use the organizer to plan your argument.
1. Curley’s wife says that the men on the ranch are “all scared of each other”. To what
extent does discrimination stem from fear? Explain, using at least two examples.
2. Many of the characters in the novels you have read this semester have dreams about
changing the life that they lead. Explain why it is important for people to have and to
follow their dreams.