Today, we will be focusing on topic investigation and source compilation.  Here are electronic sources that you could look up for scholarly articles. Most of them are 

Today, we will be focusing on topic investigation and source compilation. Here are electronic sources that you could look up for scholarly articles. Most of them are on the ISU Library webpage. Homepage>Library>Collections>Indexes and Abstracts, Collections, e Journals Google Scholar: Tasks for today: 1. Search the databases and look for topics that interest you 2. Find three topics you are interested in 3. Write a brief paragraph on each based on your research findings 4. Once you have a general idea of the topics, select one that interests you the most 5. Conduct an extended research on the topic of interest 6. Find 4­5 relevant sources 7. Document the sources in agriculture citation format 8. Create a process document that lists the 3 topics, their descriptions, topic of choice, and its relevant sources. 9. Send me the process document