Family Literacy Study Fall 2016 Faculty Advisor: Project Description:

Family Literacy Study
Fall 2016
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Melissa Barnett, [email protected]
Project Description: This project is in partnership with a local community organization. The
goal of this research study is to examine some of the potential collateral benefits for families
participating in Raising a Reader, an early literacy program conducted by Make Way For Books.
Parents of preschoolers who participate in the program will be interviewed in-person two time.
Description of Student Responsibilities:
Primary responsibilities will involve all aspects of data collection, including scheduling and
conducting interviews with caregivers, entering and cleaning data, administrative tasks related
to study management, conducting literature reviews, and contributing to reports.
Course Credit: FSHD 492 or FSHD 498H (honors students)
Students will establish regular schedules that include approximately 9 hours per week. Students
will regularly attend Raising a Reader programs and conduct interviews that take place in
various locations off-campus. All students will attend weekly lab meetings.
• GPA (in major): 3.0 or above
• work well in teams
• detail-oriented and highly organized
• strong communication skills
• available for night and/or weekend data collection with families
• Spanish fluency is preferred (but not required)
Student grades will be based on:
• Following all study procedures and guidelines.
• Respectful and constructive communication with all research team members, community
members, and Make Way for Books staff.
• Thorough, consistent and accurate contributions to study tasks.
• Final paper