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Sample Cover Letter – Cold Contact
Cover Letter Sample - Architecture
Jacky Jackson
0412 345 678
[email protected]
5 February 2015
James Phillips
HR Coordinator
Melbourne IT
[email protected]
Dear Mr Phillips
I am seeking to be part of a culture that values “integrity, innovation, collaboration and customer
centricity”. I am therefore writing to apply for an Industry Based Learning placement (22 weeks
full-time) at Melbourne IT.
Currently studying at Monash University undertaking the Bachelor of Information Technology and
Systems majoring in Multimedia, my studies focus on web systems, digital media and website
authoring. My result average to date is at a distinction level. I have been equipped with a skill-set
that is a good match for the needs Melbourne IT clients - website design, hosting and online
marketing requirements for both small business and Fortune 500 companies.
I can offer the following skills to your team:
 Adobe Flash
 Documentation of various development stages of a multimedia system
 Programming and innovative agile problem solving
 Writing code using ActionScript
 High competency in refining user interface and navigational design
 Client focus and commitment to quality
In addition I have demonstrated high level professional communication skills through three years’
experience working in customer service advising a wide variety of people regarding the purchase
of computers and accessories at Dick Smith Electronics. As a result, I have proven the ability to
adapt to the diverse needs of customers, interacting professionally with IT experts and also
explaining clearly and simply product specifications to those with limited computer
understanding. My capabilities are reflected in consistently exceeding sales targets.
My resume is attached to provide you with an overview of my experience and training. Please
contact me at your convenience so that we can discuss ways I can contribute to helping
Melbourne IT customers succeed online.
Yours sincerely,
Jacky Jackson
Cold Calling and Canvassing Cover Letters
When you are writing a cold calling or canvassing letter, seeking employment where no advertisement is available it is
even more important to seek out information about the company. A good way to do this is to look at the ABOUT US
section of a company website. This is an example of the real ABOUT US section of a firm from Melbourne.
About Melbourne IT
Melbourne IT helps organisations of all sizes to successfully do business online. Our complete portfolio of
Internet-based technology services drives business effectiveness and profitability for more than 350,000
customers around the world.
The breadth of our offering extends from helping small businesses build an online presence through to
managing the complex technology environments of large enterprises and governments - including
Internet domain name services, critical web hosting, online brand protection and promotion, video
content delivery, managed IT services and more.
Melbourne IT's culture of integrity, innovation, collaboration and customer centricity has been built by
more than 690 employees spread across 18 offices in 10 countries. Our customers range from small
businesses to Fortune 500 companies and internationally recognised government organisations.
For more information about Melbourne IT - including investor information and media announcements please visit our corporate website.
About Melbourne IT SMB eBusiness Solutions
Trusted to help you succeed online.
SMB eBusiness solutions is a division of Melbourne IT based in Melbourne with a large presence in
Australia and New Zealand.
We operate the website and have eBusiness Centres in Melbourne, Brisbane and
Offering a wide range of online services from domain name registration to website design, hosting,
email, online marketing and cloud computing, we are focused on helping our customers succeed online.
How can we help you?
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