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Members of the Western Illinois University Board of Trustees
Steve Nelson, Chairperson
Bill Griffin
Bill Epperly
Mike Houston
Carolyn Ehlert Fuller
D’Angelo Taylor
Joe Rives, Vice President, Quad Cities, Planning and Technology
March 10, 2010
March 2010 Strategic Plan Update
Your March 2010 Western Illinois University Board of Trustees meeting materials contain a Web link to draft
of the University’s Self-Study for re-accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission-North Central
Association of Colleges and Schools ( In order to promote cost efficiencies and
sustainability, I will print and deliver hard copy of the draft to individual Board members upon request; it is
280 pages in length.
Draft of the Self-Study reflects a document written by over 200 members of the Western Illinois University
community. Seven accreditation updates have been used to seek additional campus feedback and revisions
during academic year 2009-2010. At the request of the Civil Service Employees Council and the Council of
Administrative Personnel two process discussions have been held with both of these groups; and at the
request of the Faculty Senate and the Quad Cities Faculty Council, monthly materials have been submitted to
these groups for review and edit.
Additionally, on February 26th and March 5th in Macomb and March 3rd in the Quad Cities, the Steering
Team held 14 focus groups for edits and feedback on the Self-Study. A total of 105 faculty and staff from the
Macomb and Quad Cities Campuses participated in these focus groups. The thematic comments discussed at
the focus groups are available at under Focus Group
Summaries. All changes have been incorporated into the Self-Study.
After incorporating feedback received from you and the campus community during March, the Steering Team
Chairs will seek endorsement of the Self-Study from our campus governance groups, following precedent
established in other university planning activities. Upon completion, the document will be presented in June
for your approval to submit to the Commission. A folder will be kept on institutional changes made during
the period between Board approval and the on-site visit. This will give the Commission the most current
information on Western Illinois University as they make their re-accreditation decision.
Thank you for your continuing engagement in the self-study process. Please contact me if you would like a
printed copy of the Self-Study, and/or if you have feedback for the continued successful implementation of
Higher Values in Higher Education. I look forward to seeing you at Groundbreaking for Building One at the
Quad Cities Riverfront Campus. The program will start at 10AM on March 23rd.
President Goldfarb
Provost Thomas
Vice President Johnson
Vice President Thompson
CSEC President Lavin
COAP President Meixner
Faculty Council Chair Rowson
Faculty Senate Chair Devolder
Macomb SGA Chair Heard
Quad Cities SGA Chair Garrison
Associate Provost Dallinger
Associate Provost Hawkinson
Assistant Vice President Williams
Planning, Budget, and IR Staff
President’s Office Support Staff