Definitions PES 1000 –Physics in Everyday Life – Evaluation Overview

PES 1000 –Physics in Everyday Life – Evaluation Overview
Final: (Chapters 1 – 17)
Griffith ‘The Physics of Everyday Life’ 8th.ed.
Electro-magnetic waves & their sources, E-M spectrum order, visible light color order, color (additive &
subtractive), specular & diffuse reflection, wave/particle duality
Transparent vs. translucent, reflection, refraction, index of refraction, total internal reflection, concave &
convex, diverging & converging rays, real & virtual images, upright & inverted, magnification, dispersion
of color, converging (concave) and diverging (convex) mirrors, converging and diverging lenses, LASER
Index of refraction (unitless), magnification (unitless, positive=upright, negative=inverted, greater than
1=image is bigger, less than 1=image is smaller)
Incidence angle & reflection angle; Index of refraction & speed of light in a medium
Microwave ovens, prisms, rainbows, blue skies, red sunsets
Flat, convex & concave mirrors; flat, convex & concave lenses; fiber optics; eye shape and vision
The following list of equations will be provided on the last page of the traditional multiple-choice exam.
c=f* (light waves)
i=refl [reflection]
f=frequency, =wavelength, F=focal length, C=radius of curvature, n=index of refraction, c=speed of light,
cn=speed of light in a material, n=index of refraction
Any or all of the following questions and exercises may be attempted. Questions (Q) are worth 1 point each, and
Exercises (E) are worth 2 points each. Full credit is awarded for correct equations and answers, half credit for
correct equations but incorrect answers.
Not all problems must be attempted or completed; only do enough to get as many points as you wish, up to 30
Chapter 16 – Light Waves and Color
Q: any even number
E: any even number
Chapter 17 – Light and Image Formation
Q: any even number
E: any even number
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