Final Examination

Math 617
Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable
Fall 2015
Final Examination
Instructions Solve six of the following eight problems (most of which are taken
from the textbook).
1. State the following theorems (with precise hypotheses and conclusions):
Riemann’s theorem on removable singularities, the homology version of
Cauchy’s theorem, and one of Picard’s theorems.
√ )6
−1 − ๐‘– 3
2. Find both the real part and the imaginary part of
3. Let ๐บ be the complex plane slit along the negative part of the real axis:
namely, ๐บ = โ„‚ โงต { ๐‘ง ∈ โ„ โˆถ ๐‘ง ≤ 0 }. Let ๐‘› be a positive integer. There exists
an analytic function ๐‘“ โˆถ ๐บ → โ„‚ such that ๐‘ง = (๐‘“ (๐‘ง))๐‘› for every ๐‘ง in ๐บ. Find
every possible such function ๐‘“ .
๐‘‘๐‘ง when ๐›พ is the unit circle traversed once counterclockwise
∫๐›พ ๐‘ง2
[that is, ๐›พ(๐‘ก) = ๐‘’๐‘–๐‘ก and 0 ≤ ๐‘ก ≤ 2๐œ‹].
4. Evaluate
5. Let ๐‘Ÿ be a positive real number, let ๐œƒ be a real number, and let ๐›พ be a continuously differentiable curve in โ„‚ โงต {0} that begins at the point 1 and ends at
the point ๐‘Ÿ๐‘’๐‘–๐œƒ . Prove the existence of an integer ๐‘˜ such that
๐‘‘๐‘ง = ln(๐‘Ÿ) + ๐‘–๐œƒ + 2๐œ‹๐‘–๐‘˜.
∫๐›พ ๐‘ง
6. Suppose ๐‘“ (๐‘ง) =
. Find the singular part of ๐‘“ at each singular point.
1 − ๐‘’๐‘ง
7. Let ๐บ be a bounded open set. Suppose the function ๐‘“ is continuous on the
closure of ๐บ and analytic on ๐บ. Additionally, suppose there is a positive
constant ๐‘ such that |๐‘“ (๐‘ง)| = ๐‘ for every ๐‘ง on the boundary of ๐บ. Prove that
either ๐‘“ is a constant function, or ๐‘“ has at least one zero in ๐บ.
8. Apply Rouché’s theorem to prove the fundamental theorem of algebra (every
polynomial of degree ๐‘› has ๐‘› zeroes, counting multiplicity).
December 16, 2015
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Dr. Boas