ECE 330 Homework 1 Fall 2010 Due: Monday 8/30/10

ECE 330
Due: Monday 8/30/10
Homework 1
Fall 2010
I. Microprocessor Background Information
Watch the following youtube videos and write a one page analysis of what you got out of the
II. For the following problems you must show your work for full credit (calculators will not be allowed
for tests and quizzes).
1. Perform the following base conversions.
a. Convert 4538 to its decimal representation.
b. Convert 73210 to its binary representation.
c. Convert 4538 to its hexadecimal representation.
d. Convert 74c16 to its decimal representation.
e. Convert 3d 516 to its binary representation.
2. Show the decimal values for the following
a. 219 =
b. 27 =
c. 226 =
3. Perform the indicated addition or subtraction.
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ECE 330
Due: Monday 8/30/10
Homework 1
Fall 2010
4. If you have the following address sizes what are the corresponding address spaces?
a) 13 bits
b) 17 bits
c) 23 bits
5. If you have the following memory sizes, what should the address size be?
a) 56k bytes
b) 32k bytes of memory plus a few memory mapped devices (assume that each
device uses 16 bytes of address space).
6. How many entities can be addressed by the following address schemes?
a. 5 decimal digits
b. 3 hexadecimal digits
c. 7 octal digits
d. 9 binary digits
7. What is the unit of addressability for the Nios II processor?
8. How much memory can the Nios II processor have?
9. How many bits are in a byte?
10. Name three types of memory found on the DE2 board used for the lab.
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