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Curriculum Vitae: Dr Ben Winsworth
Date of Birth: January 16th 1965.
Nationality: British.
1980-1984: Norwich School.
1986-1994: University of Newcastle.
BA (Hons) English Literature (First Class), awarded 1989.
PhD ‘The Relationship Between Art and Life in the Novels of John Fowles: A Psychoanalytic
Approach’, awarded 1994.
British Academy Doctoral Research Grant, 1989-1992.
Current Position: Senior Lecturer in English Literature, University of Orleans, FRANCE. CoDirector of the English Department.
‘Communicating and Not Communicating: The True and False Self in Kazuo Ishiguro’s The
Remains of The Day’, Q/W/E/R/T/Y 9 (1999).
‘Re-readings of the Self in James Joyce’s ‘The Dead’, GRAAT 23 (2001).
‘A Game of Two Halves: Forms of Obsession in Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch and John King’s The
Football Factory, in Marc Amfreville and Claire Fabre (eds.), Les formes de l’obsession dans la
littérature anglaise et américaine (Michael Houdiard, 2005).
‘The Dynamics of Negation in Flaubert’s Parrot’, GRAAT 31 (2005).
‘The Potential Space of Reading: The Text as a Holding Environment’, in Corinne AlexandreGarner (ed.), Frontières, marges, et confins (Presse Universitaires de Paris 10, 2008).
‘The Capacity for Change: Transitional Narratives in John Fowles’s A Maggot’, Etudes Anglaises
61/1 janvier-mars (2008).
‘Passing Over in Silence: Towards Quietism in Graham Swift’s Shuttlecock’, in Vanessa Guignery
(ed.),Voices and Silence in the Contemporary Novel in English (Cambridge Scholars Publishing,
‘Existential Dynamics in John Fowles’s The Magus’ in Jean-Michel Ganteau and Christine Reynier
(eds.), Autonomy and Commitment in Twentieth-Century British Literature (Presses Universitaires
de la Méditerranée, 2010).
‘Kings of Infinite Space: Psychic Liberation in Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ in Trevor
Harris and Monia O’Brien Castro (eds.), Preserving the Sixties: Britain and ‘the Decade of Protest’
(Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.)
Forthcoming: ‘Mod Cons: Back to the Future with the Jam’ in Mark Donnelly, Richard Mills and
Lee Brooks (eds.), Mad Dogs and Englishness: Popular Music and English Identities (Bloomsbury
Academic NY, 2016/17)
Recent Conference Papers
July 2014: ‘Who (the Fuck) are You? Out with the In Crowd in Quadrophenia’. ‘Here by the Sea
and Sand’: A Symposium on Quadrophenia organised by the Centre for Modernist Studies at
the University of Sussex. The organisers of the conference are currently negotiating a book
Research Interests:
Twentieth Century English novel; the relationship between literature and psychoanalysis; popular
music, youth subcultures.
Contact: [email protected]