CO-OPERATIVE EDUCATION – Science & Environment Junior GIS Technician

CO-OPERATIVE EDUCATION – Science & Environment
Junior GIS Technician
This is a sample job description for an entry level position. It is based on actual job postings within Cooperative Education. Fictitious company details and contact names have been used.
Company Name: Ministry of the Green Outside
Contact: Simon Egon, Human Resources
2965 South Fraser Way, Vancouver, BC
Job Title: Junior GIS Technician
Company Description:
The main role of Business Solutions Branch, Land Information Services Division, Ministry of
Green Outside is to provide effective delivery of science-based land, resource and geographical
information. GIS has been used since 1992 and now has a wealth of data, software and
experienced staff to help people find information and make decision about natural resource
management and land use. The coop student hired would work with both Land-Use planners
and Biologists to develop maps and provide analysis.
 Responsible for carrying our GIS operations
 Updating, editing, translation, topology building, structuring and verification of data for
the regional resource database, and other data required for input to the regional GIS
 Conduct spatial analysis and develop statistical reports.
 Cartographic composition of hard copy maps and other GIS products
 Update and maintain data dictionary/meta data for regional data holdings
 Knowledge and understanding of GIS principles, cartography and mapping systems
 Training and Experience with ArcInfo, ArcView, and ArcGIS software
 Familiarity and commitment to practice effective data management procedures
 Ability to interact and work with others and communicate effectively
 Good organizational skills and attention to detail
 Familiarity with UNIX operating systems, Oracle and SQL or other relational database
management systems (RDBMS) an asset but not required