Keeping control of even large projects Energy Management Suite

Keeping control of even large projects
Energy Management Suite
Instrumentation, Controls & Electrical
Energy Management Suite
SPPA-M3000 Plant [email protected]
Project & Outage Management
improves planning, tracking and documentation of major maintenance inspection and
overhauls and large new-build and retrofitting
Your Benefits
■ Increased availability of
the plant due to reduced
outage periods
■ Reduced planning effort
■ Transparent project
tracking for planning
and execution
■ Avoidance of delays
and additional costs
The Task
Major overhauls, retrofitting and modernization measures as well as new-build or retrofit
projects often require an outage over an
extended period of time, usually involving
considerable costs and tying up a lot of
capacity. Efficient execution could save
a great amount of money, but missed
deadlines, missing parts or resources,
etc. frequently cause problems and delays.
The module makes clearly structured projects
with end-to-end planning of project orders
possible, including schedules and costs, clearly
defined responsibilities and competences as
well as reliable communication. It is available
as a state-of-the art Web application and also
in a traditional Client/Server configuration.
The Project & Outage Management module takes into account
all planning and execution requirements of large projects.
Our Solution
The Project & Outage Management module
provides end-to-end support for the planning,
execution, tracking and documentation of any
extensive measures. The module supports you
in preparing the outline plan and bundling the
measures, as well as in the subsequent detailed
planning. Schedules, budgets and costs can be
planned across measures, interdependencies
between the measures are identified. This
solution gives you comprehensive support for
all project planning activities – even in complex
Answers for energy.
Functional overview
To help you make sure all requirements
relevant to the planning and execution
of major projects are met, the Project &
Outage Management module lets you
create a project as the frame for all objects
involved and manage this project with
all organizational data, start and end
dates, etc.
Clear structure
For added clarity, the projects are split
into several manageable subprojects.
The progress and completion of these
subprojects are easily tracked and
documented. You can enter all required
information for each subproject. Such
information includes, e.g., work orders
with the respective tasks to be carried
out. Assigning the persons involved in
the project with their roles, the systems
or plant locations and pertaining
documents is also possible.
Projects with the respective persons
or organizational units responsible for
the project are the frame for several
subprojects. The subprojects, in turn
are the frame for the associated work
Assignment of work orders
The work to be carried out is assigned
to the subproject in the form of work
orders. You can search for work orders,
view them in detail and directly assign
them to a subproject.
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Subproject with assigned tasks
Assignment of plant parts/persons
In order to establish the connection
between the subproject and the plant
parts, the respective systems/plant
locations can be entered directly or with
the help of selection dialogs. Assigning
persons, organizational units and companies with their respective roles is also
possible. Moreover, you can define, for
each party involved, which of the documents assigned to the subproject
it should receive.
The project schedule is easily created
and structured with the help of bar charts.
The following hierarchy levels can be
shown: projects, subprojects, work
orders and work-order items.
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The general time frame for the project
is defined by the dates “earliest start”
and “latest end”. All associated subprojects
and work orders are scheduled within that
frame. A change of the schedule on a
higher level will automatically change
the schedule for all lower levels. For
editing, functions such as shift, prolong,
align, adjust and inherit are available.
Export to MS Project provides additional
Budgeting and cost controlling
For every subproject an overview of the
projected and actually accrued costs for
the assigned work orders is available. You
can also generate and create a detailed
cost overview by cost types or determine
the total budget assigned to a project
or the shares for the various subprojects.
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