Instruments Division News 10/16/2008


Instruments Division News


Welcome to our newest staff members, both in the RIA Branch: Katya Verner, and

Michael Dulude.

Congratulations to Linda Smith on her appointment as lead of the ACS+WFPC2 team, effective this past Monday.

Many thanks to Marco Sirianni for his leadership of the ACS+WFPC2 team for the past two years. Marco has put the team on a good course for SM4, and we wish him well when he heads off to ESTEC in December.

HST news: o

Transition to Side B operations is progressing well. I’ll defer to Ken

Sembach, who will give you a more comprehensive update on progress and the outlook for the next few days.

JWST news: o

Several folks are attending the JWST partners workshop this week in o

Munich. A MIRI Science Team meeting is occurring in conjunction.

NIRSpec held a successful CDR kickoff last week. Tracy Beck attended as o a member of the Systems Panel. The review will conclude in December.

The ISIM team is preparing for their CDR in January 2009. Dry run #2 was held the last week in September, with attendance by several members o of the WIT team.

The SWG will meet next week, Oct. 22 & 23, in Palo Alto.

Upcoming events: o

HST MSR next Tuesday, Oct. 21---teams to present plans for activities in light of a delayed SM4. o o

The STIC will meet here (at the Colonnade) on Nov. 3 & 4.

The Future of the Workplace Committee will return here on Nov. 10 & 11. o

The STUC will meet here on Nov. 13 & 14.

Temporary office moves from the 4 th

floor to the 3 rd

floor front will now take place after Thanksgiving.

The next INS lunch is in two weeks on Thursday, October 30, in the Auditorium from