LAC December 14, 2012 Minutes

LAC December 14, 2012
Present: G. Popiolek, C. Jones, S. Allen, M. Huddleston, V. Swain, R. Frank, M. Danner,
K. Jones, J. Grimm, C. Allen, N. Hoke-Wilson, A. Ward
Guest: A. Haggray
1. Approval of Nov. minutes--approval of October minutes will be done electronically.
November--approved as written.
2. Meeting with 3AT—C. Jones, S. Allen, B. Ekey, and E. Holmes met with 3AT on Weds
12/12. At meeting, Bill gave overview of prereq project. A chief concern is that any
course revision—including adding prerequisites—follow the established curricular
process. Discussion about other factors that may impact student success, including poor
attendance and study skills. There is a need to assess new initiatives and existing
practices--some initiatives may have effect on overall retention and success (i.e.,
accounting lab). Faculty should investigate other practices in tandem with the possibility
of adding prereqs.
Deans recognize need and that prereq data are compelling. Need to work crossdiscipline to address reading/writing issues. Also need to better predict success-Accuplacer not necessarily the only measure. Deans will engage faculty to further study
options to address student success and retention. HCC is one of only 5 in MD that
doesn't have reading/writing prereqs. The other 4 have lowest retention for
developmental courses in state; HCC is middle of the pack regarding retention. Some
non-completers should be viewed as successful; many students move on before
completing at CC in order to better take ownership of their education.
There is also a need to better partner with CET to direct students who have little chance
of success. Need to find opportunities to help faculty understand options. Student
Affairs is compiling resources for students for whom regular academic study is not
available. Nicole will share with LAC. It is important for academic advisors to hold firm
as classes fill to continue to direct students appropriately. While mandatory advising
might be preferred, there are huge staffing implications for such a practice. DSS did
pilot of students who tested into lowest level of TS courses. Maybe need to return to
practice of required advising for this population. Also expanded Human
Development/Career Development courses may be an opportunity to direct more
Regarding Business Administration courses--change in text may have an effect on
success. Changed from difficult text to workbook. Also certificate programs would be
impacted with addition of prereqs. Survey indicated that student were not successful
because of poor attendance. Looking at reconfiguring BA 101 course to link with ENG
018. For BSS division, faculty will study data and consider addition of prereqs through
CWG process. No need for "pilot" as divisions will study and then work through CWG
process. Pilot research already exists (Bill's data). Comparisons can then be done using
new data.
Research should be ongoing on this and other issues. Different disciplines/divisions
may incorporate different approaches. Good news is recognition that we have an issue
and we are working to address it. LAC can be resource for faculty--central point for
assisting, addressing questions, etc. LAC can act as sounding board for ideas. Divisions
to document what the issues are, how they are addressing, how things have improved.
There is a concern about financial aid implications for students—the College must find
ways to assist financially if students are routed to CET. Bill reminds us that the less we
ask of students, the less likely they are to succeed. Implementing prereqs is a way to
make changes in a consistent fashion. Chris to bring up this issue to faculty council-make sure that faculty are educated about issue. LAC work also connects to Student
Engagement and Retention Committee (SERC—co-chaired by Scott Schaeffer and
Bonnie Sulzbach.)
3. Update of SLO repository per division. Technical aspects to posting on Banner (and
thus making SLOs available to students) are more complicated than originally thought
due to limitations on permissions for the Banner forms. Meanwhile, faculty are working
on getting SLOs gathered to compile on g drive. Word document is fine to compile. Dr.
Haggray will verify with Sandy Clark as to format for ease of data entry. Other divisions-VPAA has data, working on compiling. ETS has compilation ready.
4. Assessment Expo--suggestion to incorporate into August PD. LAC in favor of
expanding event to include more academic assessments. Valerie to take to SA leaders
for input on date--finalize in January.
5. Annual goals--mid year checkpoint. See notes.
Goals 1 (Mentor and advise) and 2 (Assist with gathering data) are ongoing projects (see
above—item 3). Goal 3 (Monitor assessment) as it concerns GenEd is ongoing. TracDat
reconfiguration is complete for Admin units; pilot for Program Review is underway with
Biology program review. Goal 4 continues to be a matter for discussion regarding what
is to be public and what is to be internal only. Also related to Goal 4, 2013 Assessment
Expo will be expanded to further include Academic divisions.
Regarding GenEd assessment, Dr. Haggray indicated that faculty are preparing for a
GenEd program review. A GenEd course review using existing documentation is
underway. The VP for AA office will oversee to assure that there are no gaps, that
courses classified as GenEd are appropriate, and that documentation is current. After
this review, GenEd assessment will be undertaken. There is no specific timeframe for
this process.
A. Ward shared some information gleaned at MACC conference—the Prince George's CC
presentation on the use of TK-20 software for GenEd assessment. This is a rubric-based
assessment tool for GenEd and Program goals. Rubrics are tailored to assessment
project and are graded online, providing feedback to students. High enrollment courses
are assessed using common projects across sections. Assignment must address
outcomes. LAC will discuss TK-20 methods with GenEd committee. Avery suggested
viewing demo online.
January meeting--1/22/13, 2 p.m. Location to be determined.
Meeting adjourned at 9:25 a.m.
V. Swain