Safe & Secure Thermal Management DC Power Management

Safe & Secure
Thermal Management
DC Power Management
Remotely monitor physical security
and access through video cameras
and access-triggered alarms.
Integrated fire suppression further
enhances safety and physical security.
High-efficiency cooling technologies including
the Liebert® PDX, DSE & customer air handling
systems with Liebert iCOM® controls match
cooling to equipment load, and reduce cooling
system energy consumption and cost.
Designed for wireless and broadband
networks, NetSure™ DC power systems
equipped with high efficiency eSure™
rectifiers deliver unmatched performance
and high power density. Remote monitoring and diagnostics using the latest communication protocols enable you to
maximize efficiencies and manage your
network effectively.
Flexible Rack
Full-depth DCM™ racks
maximize space utilization and allow you to add
any type of IT or Telecom
equipment required. This
easy to configure
platform also simplifies
cable management with
tool-less accessories.
Transfer Switches
Battery Monitoring
& Management
Alber® advanced battery management enables potential problems to
be identified early by continuously
monitoring parameters such as cell
voltage and resistance, intercell
resistance, overall string voltage,
current and temperature. Compatible with VRLA batteries.
Generator Monitoring
Monitoring standby generators ensures 24/7 reliable
backup power during power outages caused by severe
weather conditions. Seamless integration with remote
monitoring solutions is available for all types of generators to increase availability, enable peak load shaving and
ultimately, optimize operating costs.
ASCO® 7000 Series
automatic transfer
switch and switchgear
solution reduce OpEx
without sacrificing
redundancy. Efficiently
transfer loads between
alternate sources of
power regardless of
ampacity size. Combined with programmable microprocessor
controllers, these
switches offer the most
advanced method of
transferring loads.