College Heights Secondary Green Industries Course Title: Green Industries - Double Credit

College Heights Secondary
Green Industries
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Green Industries - Double Credit
THJ3E Workplace Preparation
The Ontario Curriculum,
Technological Education Grades 9 -12
Albert Boutin and Shelley Peterson
Course Description
This course enables students to develop knowledge and skills related to
agriculture, floristry, forestry, horticulture and landscaping. Students will learn
to identify a broad range of plant and animal species; examine factors that affect
the growth of plants and animals and the quality of products derived from them;
and develop process, design and maintenance skills required in the green industries.
Students will also learn about safe and healthy working practices, develop an
awareness of environmental and societal issues related to green industry activities,
and learn about apprenticeships and other post secondary education and training
opportunities, as well as employment opportunities that may be pursued directly
after graduation.
Prerequisite: None
Evaluation Criteria
Evaluations will take place regularly and consist of practical and written
components. Students will be evaluated in the categories of Knowledge and
Understanding, Thinking and Inquiry, Communication and Application. Term work
consists of 70% of the overall grade and the Summative Evaluation is 30% of the
overall course mark.
Mark Breakdown
Knowledge and Understanding
Thinking and Inquiring
Term Mark
Quizzes and Projects
Practical Assignments
Summative Evaluation
Units of Study
Unit 1 - Careers in Green Industries
This will be a further study of the career possibilities in the five sectors of
the Green Industries ( Agriculture, Horticulture, Landscaping, Floristry ,and
Forestry )
Students will gain an understanding of the outlook of career paths in Green
Industry and what is required for them to further pursue jobs in the
different sectors
Unit 2- Tools and Safety
This is a overview of tools used in the Green Industries and their safe
handling procedures.
In Grade 11 students should have knowledge of most hand tools and will have
power tools added this year. A check off sheet will insure the safe training
of each student before handling the tool.
Unit 3 - Design Elements
An introduction to design elements in the Green Industry. The focus will be
mainly on Landscape Design and Floral Design. Students will learn the basics
of design and be expected to complete a landscape design by the end of the
Unit 4 - Environmental Issues and Impacts
Students will be delving into the issues of the Green Industries that affect
the environment. They will be involved in doing research and debating topics
that affect our environment today.
Unit 5 - Practical Skill Development
This is an ongoing unit that will develop hands on skills in the Green Industry
Students will be given many opportunities to practice skills and be tested on
their development.