An electrical system that fits. More availability and safety for the

An electrical system that fits.
More availability and safety for the
Merkenich Power Plant
Reference – Electrical Solutions
Instrumentation, Controls & Electrical
SPPA-E3000 Generator to Grid
encompasses the entire electrical system, from
the generator to the grid, for parts of the
Merkenich district heating plant. Compact
switchgears are flexibly integrated and offer
extra safety.
The Result
■ High adaptability of the
generator switchgear
thanks to compact design
and efficiency
■ Improved availability
thanks to high-quality
components and proven
concepts, augmented by
innovative technologies
■ Arising generator currents
are handled safely and
The Plant
As a local energy provider, the Merkenich
district heating power plant supplies the
Ford-Werke and its suppliers with process
steam, as well as remote heating to the north
of Cologne. The 50-year old plant belongs to
the RheinEnergie AG. It comprises one lignite
unit with fluidized bed firing and two further
gas boilers with an electrical output of 100 MW.
HB1 is designed for highest operating currents
and mechanical stability - thus improves the
safety for the plant itself as well as for the
In addition, the electrical system in the mediumvoltage area and the new unit protection were
integrated into the I&C system SPPA-T3000 by
means of IEC 61850. This seamless integration
improves operation and observation, enhances
transparency and increases plant availability.
Equipped with SPPA-E3000 Generator to Grid,
the Merkenich district heating power plant is fit
to face the future.
The Task
To ensure permanent operation, to improve
the availability and economic viability of the
plant as a whole, Merkenich was converted
from a range-type to a unit-type power plant.
Therefore an end-to-end solution was required,
comprising of both the I&C and electrical system
as well as capable of being integrated smoothly
into the plant‘s existing structures.
Our Solution
The electrical solution SPPA-E3000 Generator to
Grid offers the required comprehensiveness.
The Siemens HB1 generator circuit breaker was
deployed here for the first time in Germany.
The electrical system, which was individually
adapted and configured to the power plant’s
needs, was assembled and commissioned on
schedule at the construction site. Thanks to its
minimal space requirement, the HB1 generator
circuit breaker was positioned within the
existing machine hall without any problems.
“It was possible to obtain
all the new components for our
modernization from a single
source. The new switchgear has
a compact design – perfect for a
smooth integration into our
existing infrastructure.“
Gerhard Meyer,
Referent Electrical Systems, RheinEnergie AG
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