Document 10479866

1) In the add/alternates for Rooms 116A/B and 303A/B, it is not clear if all audio is intended to be
routed to the ceiling loudspeakers, or just one specific input. Can you please clarify if all audio including program and microphone - from IF W2B and IF W3B is going to the ceiling
a. The speakers are used for microphone when the rooms are combined. In 303 the
projector will go over the speakers. When LCDs are used individually the speakers are
not used.
2) Regarding the equipment schedule for the University Center Audio Visual Upgrade: ID A33300:
Manufacturer of the screen is listed as ‘Draper’, but Part Number is listed as ‘Advantage Deluxe
Electrol’ which is a description of a Da-Lite screen. Dave Bretton, with Rimrock Group, noted in
the mandatory meeting that he would provide the correct Part # for the screen.
a. The part number is: Draper, Ultimate Series E, 19279.
3) Regarding the Bid Bond for the University Center Audio Visual Upgrade:
Are you requesting payment with submittal of the bid or are you requesting a signature with
obligation for payment?
See bid bond