Joining forces for the fast production of a power transformer

Joining forces for the fast production
of a power transformer
Four and a half months from order receipt to delivery
Due to the failure of a transformer in a Manhattan substation, a U.S. customer needed a replacement for a
130-MVA, 134/69-kV unit. Thanks to its efficient processes, the Siemens transformer production network is an
especially flexible and responsive partner to its customers
in these types of emergencies. So in this case, too, immediate assistance was provided.
The customer ordered a transformer model that has been
in production in Nuremberg for a number of years. The
new replacement had to be manufactured in just five
months. Although the usual throughput time for a power
transformer is nine to twelve months, Siemens was able
to meet this goal. A highly motivated team, efficient engineering and production, flexible solutions, a number of
process changes, and particularly close communication
with the customer all contributed to successful completion of the project in just four and a half months.
Since an already existing design that had undergone
multiple practical tests was used, it was possible to save
a great deal of time during the project planning and engineering phase. An elaborate purchasing strategy enabled
further crucial time savings by:
• transporting the monitoring equipment to the end
customer directly from the supplier
• dividing the scope of supply for steel parts among
several suppliers
• adding the transformer boiler and cooling system to
the supplier scope of production
Siemens AG
Energy Management Division
Katzwanger Strasse 150
90461 Nuremberg, Germany
Martin Modes
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• performing the cooling system acceptance process
directly on the sub-supplier’s premises
Following the electrical test that was recently passed, the
transformer and accessories will now be transported by
truck and barge to Zeebrugge in Belgium, and from there
they will be shipped by sea to New York. The last leg of
the journey will be particularly interesting. After being
loaded onto a barge, the transformer will be hoisted by
mobile crane over a highway and into its installation site.
The highway will be closed overnight to all traffic during
the night while this work is carried out.
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