Patnow II– maximum availability from minimum fuel input Control Systems Reference

Patnow II– maximum availability
from minimum fuel input
Control Systems Reference
Instrumentation, Controls & Electrical
SPPA-T3000 Control System
allows the Patnow II power plant to operate
fully automatically – an I&C system which
maximizes plant availability and optimizes
the use of fuels.
The Result
■ Maximum plant availability
thanks to automated
procedures and integration
of all technological components
■ Increased economic
efficiency thanks to the
optimized use of fuel and
extended durability
The Plant
Constructed in 2008, the Patnow II steam
power plant is the most recent of the four
power plants operated by ZE PAK SA.
Patnow II comprises one unit with an output
of 474 MW. Located in Konin, 100 km to the
east of Poznan, it supplies the region’s end
users with electricity.
ZE PAK SA provides a total of 8.5 % of Poland’s
energy requirements and is thus the second
largest producer of electricity from lignite in
the country.
The Task
When the plant was constructed, it was
important to create an overall concept which
would allow the unit to be operated fully automatically, including the associated ancillary
facilities and flue gas cleaning plant, but also to
incorporate external systems manufactured by
other suppliers. Moreover the control system
should enable the plant to be operated economically with a long durability and guarantee
maximum availability for all load scenarios.
Our Solution
SPPA-T3000 ensures a high level of automation
which increases plant availability and economic
By implementing this I&C system all operations
of the unit including associated auxiliary and
auxiliary system were fully automated.
Additionally the existing systems and technological components manufactured by other
suppliers were incorporated. This modern
I&C system monitors the use of fuel, assesses
the necessary input and optimizes its usage.
Thereby the economic efficiency of the plant is
The automated start-up and shutdown
processes likewise fulfill the specified load
operation requirements according to the
statutory regulations which apply in Poland.
Also the power plant’s durability is increased
by remaining within the load limits for cold and
warm starts and during load cycling.
The operator control and monitoring system for
decentralized process control and archiving is
easy to use. It also enables power plant staff to
quickly filter out data which is relevant to them
and to make changes to processes without any
“When building our latest
power plant, Patnow II, we
wanted to make sure that the
unit would operate on a fully
automatic basis by using
state-of-the-art technology.
Thanks to the SPPA-T3000
control system, we now have
a power plant that offers
maximum availability from a
minimized resource input.”
A. Grudzien, Power Plant Manager Patnow II
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