Kortright Hills Public School Newsletter for November,2013 From the Principal’s Desk -

Hills Public School
23 Ptarmigan DriveGuelph, OntarioN1C 1B5(519)827-1601Fax (519)827-9251
Kirk Runciman, Principal
Anne Bonnar, Office Co-Ordinator
Julie Young, Vice Principal
Rosemary Coghlin, Administrative Assistant
Newsletter for November,2013
From the Principal’s Desk
October has been a busy, busy, busy month! Great
things are happening in the classrooms and there are
a lot of activities happening around the school.
Soccer tournaments have come and gone, cross
country races have been run, Mad Science is
underway, all of the food programs are running
effectively and School Council has completed their
first fundraiser of the year. In a couple of weeks,
progress reports go home to parents!
School Climate Survey
Every two years, schools in the province of Ontario
must conduct a school climate survey. The
information gleaned from the survey will help
prevent bullying and harassment and make our school
more safe and welcoming. One of the stakeholders
from whom we are seeking input is parents, who are
encouraged to provide their input through the
following link http://www.edu-climate-surveys.ca
.The access code for the parent survey is 0-TGE938-Q. The survey is active until November 30th.
Kirk Runciman
Make Breakfast a Family
Affair at your House!
Childhood is the time we learn to
talk, walk ... and eat. In fact, the
kinds of food we eat as kids will
determine what we eat as adults. If we learn to eat
a balanced diet at a young age, then we are more
likely to do so for the rest of our lives, and this in
turn will influence the habits we instill in our own
So if you insist that your children start the day with
a healthy breakfast, make sure that you are leading
the way by doing the same. It’s hard for them to
accept your “eat oatmeal” pitch, if you chose instead
to breakfast on a coffee and donut from the drivethru.
Breakfast Tips
Children need breakfast to do their best in school.
Yet breakfast is the most likely meal to be skipped.
• Prepare the night before. Set the table to
make it easy on yourself or your child in the
morning rush.
• Put it in a glass. Blend fruit, yogurt, juice
and milk (better check a recipe) in a glass
for a quick and nutritious breakfast.
• Make it interesting. Keep your child’s
favourite healthy breakfast items on hand.
Progress Reports
Progress reports go home on Friday, November 15th.
Parent and teacher interviews will
be occurring following the
instructional day on Thursday,
November 21st and all day on Friday,
November 22nd. Please keep an eye
on your child’s back pack during the week of
November 11th for more information about how to
set up an interview with your son’s/daughter’s
teacher using the online booking tool.
A Warm Welcome from the Library
School Stuff
In October, our Kindergarten - Grade 3
students were very excited to attend
an interactive presentation with local
Guelph author Renna Bruce. Her
presentation centered around her
series of fun and educational books starring "Jazlyn
J", and introduced us to her latest
book that features Jazlyn J dealing
with a bully and making a new friend.
Renna Bruce generously brought lots of
gifts and prizes for our students! Be
sure to check out her website at www.jazlynj.com
Blood Donor Clinic
Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?
Books make great gifts!
The Scholastic Book Fair will be
arriving on December 5th and will be
open for our Family Fun Day on
December 7th from 10 am – 1 pm. Come and check
out the great selection of books and perhaps
complete some Christmas shopping. If you are
available to help during the Family Fun Day or during
the following week (December 9th - 11th), please
send me an email.
Thanks in advance for supporting our Literacy fundraiser which will help us to
continue to provide a variety
of books for students to
access through the Library, as
well as providing our staff with
high quality resources and
literacy materials to support learning in the
A special thank you to our School Council for
providing the funds to support the worthwhile clubs,
activities and programs that we run in the library. As
well, I would like to thank all of the dedicated
volunteers that help in the library with various tasks
and activities. The students and staff all benefit
from your time and support.
Sheila Morgan
Teacher Librarian
[email protected]
Library website:
Alysha, a grade 4 student at
Kortright Hills, needed 42
blood/plasma transfusions
during her treatment for
leukemia. Alysha and her family
are hosting a Blood Donor Clinic
in honour of Alysha, Saturday,
November 9th, 9-12noon, and Monday, November
11th, 6-7:30pm at the Guelph Blood Donor Clinic,
130 Silvercreek Pkwy N.
There are lots of others like Alysha who need the
gift of blood. It is Alysha’s Dad’s 50th donation and
we have 50 spots available for donation. Book an
appointment on Alysha's website at
www.operationalysha.com. At Alysha's clinic you will
also have the opportunity to register for OneMatch
- The International Marrow and Stem Cell
Network...Swab to save a life!
Remembrance Day
This year, our Remembrance Day
service for students will be held on
Monday, November 11th at 11:00 am
in our school gymnasium. Poppies
will be handed out prior to the
assembly. Money donations for the
poppies may be handed in to home-room teachers on
Monday, November 11th and Tuesday, November 12th.
Thank you for remembering our past and present
members of the Armed Forces and Peace Corps.
Class Disruptions
A major goal for staff and students is to minimize
class disruptions during the school day. To assist
them with this goal, the office will keep
interruptions of all kinds to a minimum. If parents
are bringing in something for their child(ren), please
bring these items to the office with their name and
grade on it or fill out the “drop off
ticket” located in the office. These
items will be distributed at recess
breaks throughout the day.
Lost and Found
Our lost-and-found box is nearly full and
we are only two months into the school year! Please
take a moment to check the items in the box. You
may be surprised at what you find! Please put
name labels in your child’s clothing - it really
Traffic Safety Tips
An Important Reminder from the Guelph
Police Services
The Guelph Police School Safety Office has received
numerous concerns from school communities
regarding the safety of their students before and
after school. The primary problems are congestion
of vehicles in bus loading areas, areas that prohibit
vehicle parking and stopping and excessive speed in
school zones.
Each school has a Safety Patrol Program. The
students who volunteer for this very important job
and assist students to cross safely are also at risk.
We ask that parents walking students to and from
school please cross with the Safety Patrollers and
wait for them to cross students. This will educate
younger students to cross with the Patrollers when
they start walking on their own.
“No Stopping” and “No Parking” signs are
posted in the areas that are
designated school crossings. If
vehicles are parked or stopped in
these areas, Patrollers cannot see
around them. This puts all students at risk. Please
park or stop in designated areas for drop off.
We ask that all parents and caregivers who drive or
walk their child/children to and from school, to
please make sure that all signs on the roadway and
parking lots are obeyed and to cross with the Safety
Patrollers. If we all work together, we will decrease
the odds of a child being seriously injured.
Traffic Facts
Approximately 115 children are
killed each year due to pedestrian
• Approximately 1,800 children are
hospitalized each year due to pedestrian
• Most traffic injuries occur at nonintersection locations, i.e. darting out into
Teach your children the rules of the road,
starting when they are young.
Play act with toy cars - make the learning
Set a good example, i.e. cross at the
Help your child to follow the patroller’s
Drive cautiously in school areas.
Participate in a carpool to reduce traffic in
school areas.
Terry Fox Run
We would like to thank everyone who came out or
supported the Terry Fox Run on September 27th.
It was a special event, and the whole school
participated. Terry Fox’s remarkable
determination and his wonderful
achievement were highlighted as an
inspiration for us all. KHPS raised
over $5,900.00.
Information Updates
Please help us to keep your records up-to-date. If
your telephone numbers change or your employer’s
telephone number changes, please contact the
Inclement Weather
It is the parent’s responsibility to
determine whether or not it is safe
for his or her child to leave for
school in inclement or severe
weather. A parent must be aware of the following:
When a bus does not travel a route in the morning
due to fog, ice, or snow conditions, it will not travel
that route in the afternoon.
While we have an excellent transportation system,
buses may be delayed in the morning due to traffic,
poor road conditions, mechanical breakdowns, etc.
To ensure your child is not stranded at his/her pickup point, please make sure they know what to do and
where to go if their bus is more than 15 minutes late.
Remember to listen to CJOY 1460 AM or Magic
106.1 FM in the event of inclement weather. They
will broadcast bus cancellations or school closures.
Listen for messages for the City of Guelph -Yellow
Cold Days + Wet Weather = Extra
Please ensure that students come to school dressed
for the cold winter weather. Gloves, scarves, hats
and boots are a must to keep students warm and dry.
All students are expected to go out for recess to
take advantage of the fresh air and exercise.
Indoor shoes are essential to help keep our
classrooms clean and dry. It
is a good idea to send along
some extra clothes with
your child. An extra pair of dry
socks and mittens are always good
things to have tucked into the backpack.
Dropping Students at School
Late students need to get a late slip from the office
to assist us with our Safe Arrival Program and all
adults must first sign-in in the office
before proceeding into the building.
Please help us keep your children
Safe Arrival - Notifying the School of a
Student Absence
The rules of the Safe Arrival program state that
the school must know why a student is not present
on any particular day. This means that school
secretaries will continue to try to contact parents
until one is reached. Please assist us by notifying
the office, either by calling at 519-827-1601 ext
200 or by sending a note. It is important that the
office is notified if your child(ren) will be absent or
late. The office will then inform the teacher.
Medicine at School
Please remember that student
medication must be stored and
administered from the school
office. It is important for the safety of the child
taking the medicine and other students in the school.
In order to give any medication, the appropriate
form must be completed and signed by the student’s
parent or guardian. Please call the school
when you require these forms.
Dropping Off Items for your Child
Students are expected to come to school with their
materials for the day. If you are dropping off
something your child has forgotten, please leave it at
the office, complete the drop-off form and we will
ensure that your child receives this item during the
next break.
Newsletters & Special Notices
every month.
Monthly school newsletters and special
notices will be posted on our school
website. Our newsletters
will be posted at the end of
Click on the “Newsletter” tab at the top of this page
In light of the approaching holiday season, the staff
at Kortright Hills has decided to
continue their participation in
charitable giving. We have decided
to participate in the Adopt-a-Family
project at Christmas time this year.
We are adopting 3 families and each division in the
school, primary, junior and intermediate will be
responsible for raising funds to purchase the gifts
and food vouchers for each family. As we learn more
about our families, the students will begin their fund
raising activities.
Many families like to show appreciation to their
children’s teachers and other staff members by
giving a gift. This year we are encouraging parents
and children to make a contribution to a worthy
cause in lieu of a gift. Watch for more information
coming home during November. Please keep this
project in mind as you and your children prepare for
the holiday season.
Health – What a good feeling!
Get Your Flu Shot
The flu is a respiratory illness that
spreads quickly from person to person.
Common flu symptoms include fever, cough, sore
throat, muscle pain, joint pain, and weakness.
The flu is more serious for the very young and
elderly. They can get the flu from school-aged
children who don’t seem sick but may have a mild
case. Get your free flu shot. It protects everyone.
Visit www.wdgpublichealth.ca to find a flu clinic near
If you don’t like needles, there is an alternative.
FluMist is a nasal spray available for children and
adults ages 2 to 59. FluMist is not available at
drop-in clinics. Call 1-800-265-7293 to make an
appointment. There is a cost of $20 for the nasal
spray vaccine.
Helping Your Child Succeed
“A healthy lunch and snacks provides
children with the energy and nutrients
they need to grow and learn and play at
school.” Eat Right Ontario
Cool lunches happen when kids get to plan and make
the foods they love to eat. Having children take
ownership of preparing lunches is a recipe for
Examples of “Cool Lunch Guide”
Starting with the grain
Bagel; Pita bread; Hamburger/ Hot dog bun;
Bread; Flatbread/ tortilla; Pasta/ noodles; Rice;
English muffin; Muffins; Crackers; Breadsticks.
On top, in between, or on the side
Cheese (shredded, cubed, sliced); Cream
cheese; Cottage cheese;
Luncheon meat; Peanut
butter*; Hardboiled egg;
Leftover chicken or turkey;
canned fish (tuna, salmon…); Tofu; Hummus; Canned
Carrots; Celery; Lettuce; Peppers;
Cucumber; Apple; Pear; Strawberries;
Oranges; Bananas; Broccoli; Cauliflower;
Salsa; Pickles.
Thirst quenchers!
Water; Milk, white or chocolate milk;
100% fruit juice; Vegetable juice or
cocktail; Yogurt and fruit shakes.
Kid pleasing additions!
Yogurt – for eating or dipping fruit or vegetables;
Cereal bar; Pudding; Canned fruit; Snack size
chocolate bar; Squares (date, rice cereal…); Raisins;
Mini-cupcakes; Cookies (oatmeal, raisin…).
~ Dietitians of Canada (www.dietitians.ca/eatwell)
A Parent’s How- To Guide for Helping
Your Child in Math
Math education looks different than
it did even ten years ago. Employers
today cite that the essential 21st
century skills of problem solving,
collaboration, logical reasoning and the ability to
think critically are the most important ‘look-fors’
when interviewing candidates. In schools today,
students are asked to solve challenging mathematical
problems that put more importance on conceptual
knowledge instead of procedural knowledge. This
leaves parents sometimes at a loss about their role
and how to best support their child. As a parent, you
are an invaluable partner in your child’s mathematics
education; you are the first educator in your child’s
life. Research shows that when there is a high level
of family involvement, students do better in school.
Below are some tips to support your role as a
mathematics parent.
Tips for Parents:
(adapted from Doing Mathematics with Your Child A Parent’s Guide
find real-life experiences that encourage and
engage your child to think and talk about
mathematics (shopping, sorting, construction,
managing time and money, understand
patterns and trends, make predictions based
on patterns, analyze data)
encourage and provide manipulatives to
explore mathematical concepts (toothpicks,
popsicle sticks, money, chocolate chips, etc…)
be mindful of your attitude towards
mathematics; strong, positive attitudes
about math increase a child’s ability to feel
successful and to persevere with challenging
math tasks
encourage risk taking
provide a supportive, relaxing environment
build your child’s confidence by engaging
them in math activities that will allow them
to feel successful
engage in math activities or math talk in the
language you are most
comfortable with
a math problem is not
necessarily a word problem;
don’t allow language to be the
barrier to the mathematical
concept presented
build on memorization of math facts by
ensuring the understanding of the concept
(What does multiplication/division mean?
When would we use it? Why would we use it?
How did you figure out that fact? How can
you use one fact to help you figure out
familiarize yourself with the Ontario Math
ementary/math18curr.pdf) in order to
understand what your child
is learning and what is
expected of him/her
Math Resources:
Homework Help (Gr. 7-10)
Math Activity Sites
*there are many more sites in the Doing
Mathematics with Your Child - A Parent’s
Guide referenced above
From School Council
The School Council would like to thank all the
students and parents for a very
successful fall fundraiser. The
contest winners will be announced the
week of October 28th. Your orders of
the Big Box of Cards will be ready for
pick-up on Thursday November 7th from 3:00 to 6:00
pm in the school gym.
Our annual Family Fun Day will be held on Saturday,
December 7th from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm.
Please mark it on your calendars. More
details will be coming your way soon.
School Council is looking for parents
who want to get involved, particularly
on the council executive. Our next meeting is
Monday, November 18th, 7:00 pm in the school
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