The Meeting of the Alcor Chapter of Hope College Mortar... General Board Those present 1/17/12

The Meeting of the Alcor Chapter of Hope College Mortar Board
General Board
The President called the meeting to order at 10:02 p.m.
Those present: Adam Simon, Bethany Stripp, Molly Vass, Kyle McLellan, Katherine Garcia,
Colin Rathbun, Mia Savigian, Heather Stiff, Matt Hartwell,, Michael Dirksen, Stacy Victory,
Jennie LaRoche, Cory Lakatos, Katherine Maguire, Kirsten Peterson, Rachel Jantz, Katelyn
Geisler, Blair Riddle, Sarah Johnson, Jackie Canonaco, Mrs. Bultman, Marc Tori, Bryan
Kunkler, Ashli Brennan, Lexi Egedy,Kelsey Cratty, Ziye Liu, Dr. Portfleet, Emilee Anderson,
Xisen Hou, Ingrid Slette, Lee Christiansen, Michael Blauw
Those excused: Jamie Benjamin,
Those excused for graduation/off-campus: Lindsey Sisson, Lindsey Bandy, Imari Smith,
Those absent: Reed Swift
Positives from last semester:
- Friendship Prom: good organization
- Fundraising: over $15,000 for Relay for Life; $14,500+ for First Book Book Drive
- Meeting and event attendance/volunteering to help with events
Goals for semester:
- Continue to be on time to meetings!
- Continue to be willing to help with events and programming
Dance Marathon
- required event: dancer, moraler, or raising money
- can donate to team page if you can’t come to event -- don’t have to register
- if you sign up as a dancer or moraler, you’ll be reimbursed by MB for the cost of sign-up
- will arrange event with family -- details to come (another possible way to be involved)
- Dancers (24 hour commitment):
Katherine Garcia, Jennie LaRoche, Ziye Liu (?)
- Moralers (eight hour shift to keep dancers motivated/awake):
Blair Riddle, Emilee Anderson, Marc Tori, Ingird Slette
- Need someone to make the banner -- will do that after we know the theme (10 days before
Malaria nets
- Kyle McClellan and Kelsey Cratty chairing effort
- More ideas coming at next meeting
Presidential Swap
- “Swap” = share the day -- centered around basketball game (Feb. 8?)
- Lindsey Bandy and Kelsey Cratty chairing effort (Katherine Garcia will also help)
- Need to advertise well to sell tickets (make sure it’s on KnowHope), place to sell tickets
- Fundraiser for malaria nets?
- E-mail Kelsey/Katherine with ideas
Disability Advocacy Project
- Wristbands are almost all gone -- will likely be gone soon and update on fundraising will come
after that
- Card project for James -- good for moral support
- Possibly will work on cards at next meeting
New Member Selection
- Final application reminder going out this Friday, due Jan. 26
- Binders
-- need to be put together the weekend after the 26th
-- 5 binders with applications split evenly between them
-- need to divide all of MB into 5 groups
-- each group will look at 2 binders and rate applications
-- binders will be in library at closed reserves starting on Jan. 30
-- Jennie and committee will look at ratings provided by those who have looked at
- 6 p.m. Feb. 14 (Tuesday of Winter Break)
-- cup for each applicant, vote using beads
-- if 80% of a person agrees on an applicant, that person is in
-- only allowed to vote for an applicant once
-- process repeats itself until we’re finished
- In our example, no one got an 80% vote on the first round. Because of that, people began to
lobby for certain applicants to convince current MB members to change their votes
- Keep in mind that GPA is not everything! Look at the whole person, not just one individual
- Committee for binder creation:
Katherine Maguire, Mia Savagian, Heather Stiff
Book reading at Jefferson Elementary
- Talked to principal last semester about reading/picture
- Once they have their books, we’ll schedule a date for a reading at the school
Dinner at Bultmans
- 5-7 p.m.
- You’re welcome to come at any time!
- Google Doc is coming -- put an x if you can’t make it that night
- Will make final decision on date next week
- If you’re interested in helping the current committee, let Colin know
- Reading at school would be good
- $232 to reinvest
Compassion Child
- received a letter which Stacy Victory read
The president adjourned the meeting at 10:47 p.m.