Lab #8 in this note.

Lab #8
Follow the instruction and procedures in the Student Manual, unless specified differently
in this note.
p.175 – 187 in SM
Ch. 4.01 – 4.09 in AE
Lab #8
Although circuit diagrams do not show Pin #4 and 7 connection (DC power), they
should be connected to +/- 12 V.
8-1 Follow the instruction. You cannot measure the open loop gain (OLG) precisely but
can give lower bound of the OLG
8-2 Follow the instruction.
8-3 Follow the instruction. Be aware of the input impedance of your OSC.
8-4 Follow the instruction.
8-5 Follow the instruction. For the 2nd current source with the 2N3906, predict the
current before you measure. Skip the VP01 part.
8-6 Follow the instruction. (a) LPT100 is obsolete. We will replace it with BPW46. In
addition, replace the 10 Mohm feedback resistor with 1 Mohm. You will see a small ac
signal on top of dc signal. Measure the amplitude of the ac part and compare it with the
dc level. Measure the frequency of the ac part. What determines the frequency of the ac?
Skip (b) and (c).
8-7 Skip.
8-8 Follow the instruction. Skip the parts that involve a breadboard speaker. You do not
need to answer the questions under “Listen to this improved waveform.” Do not ignore
the “Now reconnect the right side” part of the lab.
What happens to the shape of the output as the frequency increases from 100Hz to