Lab #6 in this note.

Lab #6
Follow the instruction and procedures in the Student Manual, unless specified differently
in this note.
p.124 – 138 in SM
Ch. 2.15 – to end in AE
6-1 Use the following set-up for the differential amplifier shown below. (Both +Vin and
–Vin should be connected to the output of FG2 through 100 Ohm resistors). Estimate the
common mode gain and differential mode gain of the circuit. Use 3 Vp-p 100 Hz sine
wave to measure Gcm. Use .2 Vp-p 1 kHz (after the transformer) for Gdm. Follow the
instruction. What is the CMRR for parts A & B? You need to show all oscilloscope
images for this part.
6-2 Follow the instruction. Note that there is no direct connection between 10 k
resistors and 0.1 uF capacitor in the circuit.
6-3 Follow the instruction. For part (b), instead of a 33 pF capacitor, use 100 pF. Skip
part (c).
6-4 Follow the instruction. It won’t be easy to pull Ic down to 1 mA range. If you
measure around 6 mA with 20 MOhm, you are OK.
6-5 Skip