Math Department Minutes 10/13/15

Math Department Minutes 10/13/15
The main items were proposed changes to the graduate and undergraduate course offerings.
The graduate committee proposal on a PhD track in computation. Professors Cascaval and Bihun have expressed interest in teaching this two-semester
sequence of courses. The proposal was approved by the department. The
proposal will be forwarded to the LAS C&R committee. The plan is to use
this course sequence to increase the variety of our graduate offerings. The
actual number of courses offered per year will not be affected. Decisions
about which courses to offer will be strongly influenced by student interest.
The undergraduate committee presented two extensions to the developing
plan which will identify a core program for all majors, together with a variety
of options for senior tracks. The proposals to add number theory (Math
3110) and Introduction to Analysis (Math 3410) to the core curriculum were