Climate Change Workshop METROPOLIS International Training Institute at Seoul HRD Center

Climate Change Workshop : Sustainable Solutions For An Urban Future
METROPOLIS International Training Institute at Seoul HRD Center
7 – 15 April 2015
■ Introduction
Mayor Park Won Soon named Climate Change as one of the key concerns for Seoul and
has pledged to redirect resources to address it. Seoul Metropolitan Government works
hard to establish energy autonomy through renewable and reduced consumptions,
comprehensive policies on the urban heat island effect and inclusion of citizens
through a 'Green Seoul' citizens committee for eco-governance, among others.
Seoul has already set a target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25% below 1990
levels by 2020 and 40% by 2030. The city has used initiatives such as Smart
Transportation Pricing and dozens of Climate Monitoring Stations to help meeting its
climate goals.
The purpose of this program is:
• To provide an opportunity for city officials to enhance capacities in climate change
adaptation and mitigation with a focus on making cities more resilient and share
Seoul’s best practices of Climate Change
• To establish a policy transfer platform to exchange in-depth learning from experts
and peers in the related area and to share good practices among participants
At 2014 C40 meeting, Seoul won
the award in the green energy
category for a project called
“Make Seoul a City of Sunlight,”
which was devised to reduce
greenhouse emissions and expand
renewable energy generation by
Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon
(right) receiving an award
at the 2014 C40 & Siemens
City Climate Leadership
Awards at the Manhattan
Center in New York
■ Course Outline
Climate Change Workshop : Sustainable Solutions For An Urban Future
• 7(Wed) – 15(Wed) April
(※ 8 nights & 9 days inclusive of arrival and departure dates)
• Seoul HRD Center(SHRDC) of Seoul Metropolitan Government(SMG)
- METROPOLIS International Training Institute Headquarters(MIITI HQ)
• 15 participants in total (1~2 people from each city)
• Managerial-level public officials in a related field recommended by the
head of a local government
Participants • Officials with a good command of English
Qualification (※ Participants lacking fair command of English language shall be subject to the forfeiture of candidacy)
• Officials who can be admitted into Korea
• Officials who have never participated in training programs organized by
both SMG and SMG affiliated organizations
■ Contents
• The program will be comprised of 4 modules. During 2 days, through Module 1 & 2,
participants will have opportunities to learn best practices of Seoul’s climate change
policy by categories and to experience related sites and fields. Module 1 will be the
case study of Seoul’s best policy on Climate Change. Module 2 will be a site visit or
field trip to witness cases introduced in Module 1.
• Following 3 days, in Module 3&4, participants will be divided into 2 groups to use
the “Action Learning” methodology for learning. Module 1 will be an introductory
part of the training program which will be delivered by two invited expert
facilitators to give a general idea and challenges against major metropolises with
regards to the theme and subject of the training. In Module 3, two facilitators will
engage with participants for exchanging cases as well as group discussions and team
learning through the “Action Learning” methodology.