The Local Government Management
certificate provides local government
managers and students with opportunities
to improve the quality of local government
systems in Colorado. The certificate focuses
on innovative management and policy
techniques and provides the School of
Public Affairs with the opportunity to
partner with local government agencies as a
workforce development partner.
You are only four courses away from a
graduate certificate in Local Government
Turn card over to see the courses and how to apply!
Required courses include:
PAD 5503 Governmental Budgeting
PAD 5625 Local Government Management
or PAD 5626 Local Government Politics and Policy
PAD 5630 Executive Local Governance I
PAD 5631 Executive Local Governance II
Courses may be offered in the classroom or online. Students are not required to apply
to a degree program to take these courses but must have a bachelor’s degree from
an accredited university. Students must earn grades of B- or better in each course
counted toward a certificate.
To apply, go to: uccs.edu/spa/programs/certificates.html. For more information,
call: 719.255.4993 or 800.990.8827 ext 4993, or email: [email protected]