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Current Position

 All applicants must have completed Part 1 and Part 2 of the Ontario

Principal Qualification Program and this must be noted on the applicant’s Ontario College of Teachers Certificate

Completion Date of Part 2:

Application for (please check only one)

Elementary Principal

Secondary Principal

Elementary Vice Principal

Secondary Vice Principal

I have reviewed this applicant’s portfolio and recommend it for consideration by the selection committee.


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Classroom Experience

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Positions of Added Responsibility (consultant, acting Principal /Vice-Principal etc.)

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Involvement in Leadership Development Program(s) (e.g. “Me-As-VP”)

Leadership Activities (School)

Leadership Activities (System)

Leadership Activities (External to System)

Select two practices from the Ontario Leadership Framework listed on page 5.

Explain why they are important to you as an educator and what you have done to develop them in your career. Please keep your response to one page or less.

Additional Information (Anything you believe should be considered by the committee)


1. Please see the Board's Policy # 404 on Principal and Vice-Principal Selection available on the Board’s website at www.ugdsb.on.ca

2. This application should include

a copy of your most recent certificate of qualification from the Ontario College of


a one-page cover letter,

application form

a copy of your most recent performance appraisal

Reference form (three references including your present and most recent supervisors)

3. The Role and responsibilities of the Principal/Vice-Principal are listed on page 4.

4. This application should be submitted by mail, fax, email with the file attached, or in person to the attention of the Superintendent of Education indicated on the job posting to:

The Upper Grand District School Board

500 Victoria Road North

Guelph ON

Fax (519) 822-5894

Email – See job posting

5. Before an external applicant can be appointed as a Principal or Vice-Principal the Board must receive a Criminal Records Check including Vulnerable Sector Screening (less than 6 months old).


Role and Responsibilities of Principal/Vice-Principal

As educational leaders we believe

In the Vision Statement of the Upper Grand District School Board,

That the Guiding Principles of the System Plan should direct our activities, and

That senior administration and school administration should work collaboratively with staff, parents, the school council and the community in a caring atmosphere of mutual trust, respect and support in the best interests of students and student learning.

School-Level Leadership: The Ontario Leadership Framework

Setting Directions

Builds a shared vision

Identifies specific, shared short-term goals

Creates high expectations

Communicates the vision and goals

Building Relationships and Developing People

Provides support and demonstrates consideration for individual staff members

Stimulates growth in the professional capacities of staff

Models the school’s values and practices

Builds trusting relationships with and among staff, students and parents

Establishes productive working relationships with teacher federation representatives

Developing the Organization to Support Desired Practices

Builds collaborative cultures and distributes leadership

Structures the organization to facilitate collaboration

Builds productive relationships with families and the community

Connects the school to the wider environment

Maintains a safe and healthy environment

Allocates resources in support of the school’s vision and goals

Improving the Instructional Program

Staffs the instructional program

Provides instructional support

Monitors the progress in student learning and school improvement

Buffers staff from distractions to their work

Securing Accountability

Builds staff members’ sense of internal accountability

Meets the demands for external accountability




respect and support primacy of instruction

are student focused and driven to improve student achievement

are dedicated to an environment that supports learning


demonstrate integrity

are accountable and are good corporate citizens

work collaboratively with others

are able to use data to make informed decisions

understand, manage, and lead the change process in a climate of ambiguity

energize, empower, and enable others

possess excellent interpersonal skills …communicate and listen effectively

model excellent conflict resolution and problem solving skills

understand the politics in education


Characteristics of Upper Grand DSB Leaders

2006 02 02


Upper Grand District School Board

Reference Form

I, authorize the Upper Grand District School Board to contact the person or organizations listed below for the purpose of obtaining reference information including information contained in my personnel file. These persons are authorized to disclose such information.

The references used must include:

 current supervisor

 one other administrator / supervisor with whom you have worked in an educational setting

 if not using your immediate supervisor please provide an explanation

NAME Position Title Phone # Phone # Email if available